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Error trying to import GP5 drum tab into Phase Shift


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I am trying to import GP5 drum tab into EoF for Phase Shift and I get an error after I do these steps.


Import GP5 as a guitar track (no option for drums)

Import GP5s time signature

Import drumkit

Import the selected track as a drum track

Import into Phase Shift drum track


Select music file


Error 1:   Can not create folder

            Ensure that the specific folder name is valid and

            the song folder is not restricted to a non-write restricted area


Error 2:   Unable to load OGG file

               Make sure your file is a valid OGG file


My GP5 drum tab is in tab mode showing the numbers for each drum



Ive also tried loading a song into EoF first, then importing GP5. No error but no notes appear in EoF





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Both of those are likely problems with the naming/permissions of the folder where EOF and/or the project are located.  Make sure your EOF installation is someplace with no Unicode or extended ASCII characters (ie. C:\EOF\ ) and make sure your project is not located in a write protected location (ie. within either "Program Files" folders).  The eof_log.txt file may also show the reason for the failure immediately after the error(s) are given, but note that the log is overwritten every time you re-open EOF.

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Thanks for the swift reply.


So I installed the latest hotfix and moved the EoF folder. It worked... Once.   


The error no longer shows but the notes still wont appear 


The log looks good from what I can tell. It shows the drum tab being executed w no visible errors.


Heres the end of the log after the note transcription:


186: eof_unwrap_gp_track() entered
186: No repeats or navigational symbols detected
186: Importing as a drum track
186: eof_fixup_notes() entered
186: Import complete
186: Cleaning up beats
186: eof_truncate_chart() entered
186: Deleting beats
186: eof_truncate_chart() exiting
186: Cleaning up imported notes
186: eof_load_ogg() entered
186: eof_destroy_ogg() entered
186: Applying name "guitar.ogg" to OGG profile
186: Loading OGG file "C:\Users\rezne\Desktop\guitar.ogg"
186: eof_truncate_chart() entered
186: Adding beats
186: eof_truncate_chart() exiting
186: Initializing after load
186: eof_init_after_load() entered
186: eof_truncate_chart() entered
186: Deleting beats
186: eof_truncate_chart() exiting
186: eof_select_beat() entered
186: eof_undo_reset() entered
186: eof_sort_notes() entered
186: eof_fixup_notes() entered
186: eof_cleanup_beat_flags() entered
186: eof_sort_events() entered
186: eof_delete_blank_events() entered
186: Removed 0 empty text events
186: Initialization after load complete
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If you can send me the entire log after importing the drum track and the Guitar Pro file in question, it would be helpful.  Keep in mind that after the import, I don't believe it will automatically change the active track to PART DRUMS if you imported a drum track instead of a guitar track.  Open Song>Track and see if PART DRUMS or PART REAL_DRUMS_PS has an asterisk next to its name (which would indicate the track has contents).

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