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How to change handshapes for Rocksmith


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Due to some requirements for handshapes in EOF (reflecting the almost universal usage of them in Rocksmith), making a handshape for a single note will involve using ghost notes (which won't affect gameplay).  Place a gem AFTER the single note in question, with it being the only note selected, use "Note>Pro guitar>Toggle ghost" (or press CTRL+G) and the note's fret value will be put in parentheses.  Select that ghost note and the single note for which you wanted to add the handshape and use Note>Rocksmith>Handshape>Mark (or press CTRL+SHIFT+H).  A blue rectangle will be drawn across the span of the notes in the new handshape and the single note will have a ghost note added to it because as per common Rocksmith usage, handshapes apply to chords and not single notes.


If you want to control which finger the handshape says to play the single note with, you can select the note and use "Note>Rocksmigh>Edit frets/fingering" (or press F) and define the finger number in the finger field for the string having the played note.  The values range from 0 (for thumb, you can also use the letter T) to 4 (pinky).


As far as alternatives, there aren't really any.  Even for authoring pro guitar in Rock Band 3, there was only one user created editor apart from EOF, developed by ZiggyXNAMVP ( It hasn't had any code changes in about 6.5 years though, and there's probably not much of any usage guides or videos for it.  Rocksmith authoring is reasonably complicated, you're going to want to read some of the guides and probably watch some videos as it's not something you can reasonably learn from scratch without many complications.  You can also skim through EOF's pro guitar authoring tutorial in the Help menu.  It pertains to Rock Band 3, but much of it is relevant to Rocksmith authoring.


If you get stuck you can also pop into the CustomsForge Discord:


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