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Adjust length of each note in a chord individually, or alternatively not have each note that starts on a certain bar be counted as a chord at all?


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You'll probably have to try something like placing an open B note at the next G13 note, placing a tech note on top of the first open B note and giving the tech note linknext status.

Thanks, but I have absolutely no idea what a tech note or linknext status is. :/ None of that really matters though because although the chart isn't finished I decided to try adding it to rocksmith anyways and despite the game seeing the song and playing the preview it crashes the game when you try open it ): 

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Authoring certain things requires some more complex mechanisms like "tech notes", which are basically a second set of notes where you apply various statuses/techniques to individual notes in a chord.  There's a pretty thorough tutorial about their use here:



Keep trying with the custom though, sometimes it takes some troubleshooting to figure out why a chart doesn't work in-game.

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Thanks for linking that tutorial, I couldn't find anything like that when I searched. I figured out what was crashing the game too, after about 20 recompiles of the chart i discovered that you don't need to use "chordify" for Rocksmith... the more you know. The linknext stuff worked well-ish but I couldn't get the tech notes to do anything useful, however I don't think that's really an issue as the chart is looking more or less how I want it to now. https://i.imgur.com/TNtpEOT.png (I'm not sure why the tempo changes so much between each bar btw but in game its completely fine so... :))

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