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Importing lyrics from midi file


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Hello everyone, i'm trying to do a custom and i have the lyrics with the notes on guitar pro that I saved as midi. I've tried to import the notes into EOF but it says "No lyrics detected". Now i've used the foflyricsconverter but when i import the lyrics they don't get synced with the tempo map that I already did. Any way you can help me? And sorry if this looks confusing  :( . Thanks!

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I remember trying to do this when converting ust vocals to midi. I couldn't find a way to do it so I just did them manually.


old useless thread, it is possible but the dude never linked his tool or he deleted it.


Maybe useful thread, you can import the vocal track as a guitar track, transpose all notes to blue and merge with a text file using foflyric converter. Bit hacky tho and I bet there's a better way


Yass song editor can import a midi and you can just enter the text. Well apparently it can but I cant find the option to. Ok you need to set a song directory first and then go to songlist and press ctrl and N, select the midi file and add the track. Then the ui stops working. It gets this far, I can even see the notes. how annoying. Well I can't get it working maybe my pc is just being stupid. Give it a go and let me know if it works for you. 


I'll do some more fiddling tomorrow since its getting late over here.


I've never seen a gp5 with lyrics. Could you send over the tab so I can do some fiddling in case they export midi differently to ust files. Maybe the midi doesn't export with lyrics

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Have you tried using EOF's "Note>Lyrics>Import GP style lyric text" function? It will leave the existing lyric notes where they are and would instead replace the lyric text with the contents of a text file. This text file should be a copy/paste of how the lyrics are defined in Guitar Pro (at least in Guitar Pro 5's format).

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Also just read all of your post coldrampage, I'll let you know about the second option, the tabs i'm making are a transcription by hand from ultimate guitar official tabs, they all have lyrics included

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