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Can't seem to get the BPM right


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I want to create a CDLC to learn a specific song. I have found a Tab file and used osu! to get the BPM. In osu! it seems the BPM are perfect, so I put the BPM into Editor on Fire and imported the song.


At first it seemed just fine, but at a certain part of the song (https://youtu.be/_QEvf3OFL0E?t=52) it seems to get out of sync with the notes despite the beat being fine in general. I don't really know what to do. Is there an easy way in EoF to copy and paste multiple notes? because I could probably fix the riff somehow but I am too lazy to tab everything out from that point when I have an almost perfect tab file.


Will share the song of course when done.



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In most cases, you're going to have to make tempo corrections throughout a chart because the musicians are not as accurate as machines.  To copy multiple notes, select a range of notes by clicking one, seeking to another note, holding SHIFT and clicking that note.  You can also add/remove a note to the selection by holding CTRL when you click.  There are also many other selection/deselection functions in the Edit>Selection menu.

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remove a note to the selection by holding CTRL when you click

Oh, yeah. I wanted to ask this for a long time. Is there a reason why ctrl+click deselection working so unreliably for me? I've tried to be very careful to not move mouse while I'm clicking; clicking on top, bottom, left, right and tail; holding mouse for longer and shorter time, but it really feels like eof just rolling some random numbers to check whether deselection was successful or not.

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