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  1. eeei finnaly my first time i play a song 100% first try! fun bassline and nice song @ Rodman just barely tied! now i just need to get at your lvl with lead and guitar cause currently im pretty far behind The Tool esque part is kinda challenging but i wouldnt have minded it in a lower bass class lvl.
  2. trying to learn the bass in this song helped i think
  3. man i was getting excited towards the end that itd be my first 100% with no restarts but the slides said not today. cool song! intro reminds of marliyn manson the beautiful people with the guitar strokes and the vocal lines this song brings back good Guitarhero 3 memories! thanks for that (cant wait to try the other arrangments). i do think you placed it right out of the two songs. gotta enjoy the open string songs /m/ still practicing masterclass one the slides and a 11 yellow kinda throw me off but its a fun song to play!
  4. i like the bassline! kinda reminds me of halo by porcupine tree or one of the odlc songs called angela. so thanks @ Mikson for encouraging me to test it out! Even though i practiced this song alot in normal mode and wasnt able to get 100% I do kind of feel like this is more of an advanced song or even intermediate rather than masterclass... Mostly cause its pretty much the same thing except for the bridge at the end. And atleast for me the hard part is just having the stamina to maintain the streak for the 1.4k + notes. I also found it odd that its rated a higher class than the rhythm when the rhythm is harder. But thats just my opinion.
  5. nonono theres definatly sweat on my end lol. i practice and aim for a 95% or + (cause that was 5 stars in gh lol) in normal mode riff repeat slowly the hard sections and then jump into s.a. S.A doesnt register the number of tries once you reach a certain point like normal mode does. And since i have a bad habit of restarting songs when losing streaks instead of finishing songs (got it from all the guitar hero days reaching 100% on expert songs) the counter doesnt change ... also, if i keep messing up the streak i just straight up leave s.a to practice it in riff repeater slowly. I dont think theres been a song ive 100% first time yet... if there was or is id mention it. Theres always some tricky thing or something that catches me off guard even in the beginner songs that makes me restart it. im still quite the noob, just a noob with some time to kill lol Ill aim to post a masterclass pic today as i have tried it and it does seem a lot easier/doable compared to the past weeks. But i am nowhere near the level of the contestants on that level just yet.
  6. Had to borrow a friends guitar for this one since i dont have one that has 24 frets my max is 21/22 . i think the way its tabbed makes it a bit more tricky to play than it could be. Especially the rhythm version of this song lots of jumping around the fretboard for those high notes. but it was fun/challenging regardless riff repeated this quite a bit and let me tell you im not fine lol. Also if someone can do the 14 harmonics in the intro can you teach me please? ive tried the press fret 2 left hand and strum/harmonic/tapting at 14 right hand and it sounds right but it never detects?
  7. not sure if its nostalgia or something else...but i really feel like older disney movies had better soundtracks than this haha but to each their own i guess pretty solid riff didnt know they were italian/ had songs not in english. pretty cool!
  8. had heard the moby , breathe and joe a looong time ago, nice to hear them again. Havent played much asian music but they definatley have interesting sections. Also mizuki one was tabbed good (atleast the bass)
  9. kinda surprised 10 cc is on that list ( id go lol) ..also wouldnt expect inflames or volbeat to be higher than megadeth but im guessing cause they are more localish. seems fun /m/ !
  10. @ someotherbruce lol i have an account with a similar name on another platform..confused me for a second. but thanks for having a look (they are a work in progress)! i will be adding more in these couple days they are just private at the moment but ill make them public later. pretty sure you'll be able to find something you like once they are out
  11. cant believe im gonna say it but i think greendays song was harder than ratm for bass atleast. ratm one doesnt move around nice bassline had fun! lead and rythm seems harder for me havent passed 90 yet. but ill keep going.
  12. a no my bad the four leaf wasnt posted today it was posted a couple years ago, i just had soemthing in my searchbar so i saw those dlc and thought it was todays instead. but still maybe itll interest u. (note some songs on those lists might not be on cf anymore cause of broken links inactive users flagged, google drive permision etc but it might be a way to find something that catches ur ear by shuffling)
  13. are you talking in general or cdlc related? if its cdlc related: coldrampage posted some four leaf studios today maybe thats in your lane? since its asian and jazzish? heres a playlist of the asian songs that were on scotts cdlc 1 to 4 (40k ish songs total that once were on c f / altho i must say there were alot of repeats? so idk) theres also one for "jazz" and "blues" but they need some work as not all are that.
  14. usually not a fan of trivium but this one reminded me of bfmv so i digged it. i was having recognition errors with the drop tunings.. not sure why. i think ill have to buy some new strings for guitar.
  15. I think thats the best ill get it for now! had to listen to it/riff repeat/normal mode quiet a bit! did lots of runs on normal mode but i was no bueno. I think the mutes is what gets me...ill have to do better for next weeks choice !
  16. yea i know its a friendly competition thats why i think its fine if someone gets the 100% they can have the win for this week. will do later this week! i havent been able to pass the bass on sa yet so i havent screenshoted. also still working on getting to your lvl for this weeks lead! atm im at 87% ish
  17. Heres my bass stats for this week: will post leadgtr/rhythm later down the week when i have more time hadnt heard of this rammstein song before, i enjoyed listening to it ! Maneskin for your love: I kept goofing up on the slides aalot. but i got there eventually. pretty interesting song. YAAY!! so glad this song got into the championship, lol. Im more than fine with my results not counting for this song since ive played it alot of times before so its not really fair for others. I still i wanted to play it again because i like it . I did notice there are some errors/missing notes/wrong notes so i apologize for that... like in the solo...or im pretty sure bass is missing some as well... but hopefully it isnt too bad/noticeable. I tried All mans bass and yeaa im not at that level yet. way too fast for me hahah. but ill practicing/trying never hurt anyone i think...
  18. heres my rhythm entry for intermediate. i must be pretty bad at chord changes because i kept losing streaks. and heres my lead entry for advanced. @Rodman your stats are really hard for me to beat! i had playthroughs where i beat the score but not % and others where i beat % but not score (as shown bellow). however this last one was the play through where i did the "best" i guess..which is a tie ? not sure thats the one for my highest score but the % pretty low this one had highest % but i missed a couple of notes in a row so my score multiplier went from 99 to like 10 or 25 so it got a low score overall. thanks for the challenge!
  19. Got a 99.6% on the second playthrough of score attack. I was about to post it but saw you @Rodmangot 99.69% so you pushed me to play it again haha
  20. yeaa.. im not sure im ready for advanced lead but ill give it a shot hahah. Td was fun! but i do have to clarify my photos of 99.4 % and 99.2 % being the cdlc that had fewer notes (unlike the previous photos i uploaded), so if someone got higher on the cdlc that was lead and rhythm combined be sure to give the trophy to them instead.
  21. @Rodman Respect for those scores! really made me put in the hours lol. i wasnt able to beat you % wise but atleast i tied with you and i think thats good enough for me
  22. I tried Advanced rhythm cause intermediate lead was causing me problems with the acoustic part/ solo I Enjoyed Lust for life , if anyone knows other songs like this please let me know. kind of Curious: if this lead has been updated to include sections of the old rhythm( which was considered god tier) shouldnt this version be a bit higher than intermediate? Anyways, i think thats the highest percent ill get. ive played again a couple of times and got the score to 1051k but it was 94 .66%. last ss to show what version im posting scores from since score attack doesn't include the graph.
  23. Thanks @kayteck and @nlbsmglsk for the image tips! i used imgur in the end because there was less steps and im lazzy lol. seems to be working i did get an attachment qouta limit tho? showed me pictures that i had uploaded previous weeks and asked for me to delete some for space. will i have to delete the previous posts to post more in the future or was it just because i wasnt using imgur or steam before? here are the photos from google drive that i had before: intermediate Bass walk the talk =100% : really enjoyed this song think it was my fav out of the week! ngl kinda tricky to 100% at first. the higher riffs were making me lose streaks but then i realized i was just using wrong fingers there so it became easy again. Intermediate rhythm judas priest: 98.39%. i think i can probably do better as every time i got better but my wrist is killing me hahah. pretty crazzy that the score got 5x bigger than the first score attack i did. and that one was only like 3% different so i cant imagine what the score is at 100%. its all about the streak ig and thats not my forte atm. Intermediate lead : havent tried yet Advanced bass Tenacious d 99.43% : i tried it cause i like tenacious d and bass tends to be easier for me then lead/ rhythm. i think i could 100 it..
  24. Hey i'm a bit confused.. Am I supposed to be participating in advanced and that's why my scores didnt count for the intermediate lastweek? just wanted to clarify for this week so i don't repeat any misunderstanding. Asking because last week i posted only intermediate and i thought i had higher scores than the winners? got 97.69% in rhythm, 97.24 % in lead and 100% in bass with a better score than kayteck ( altho admittedly im not sure how its higher..ive tried again a couple of times 100% it and still got lower scores i guess maybe timing affects scores? not sure)
  25. ;Glad to see some tenacious d and..I goofed up on the screen shot but im pretty sure it was 100%cool song, what movie is it from ? dont think ive seen it. tried all morning to get a high streak but i kept losing it at the high string chords for some reason Favorite song from the bunch is definitely el mariachi i really hope to be able to pass the lead at some point during this week i keep dying cause of the solo. but ill keep trying even if it is masterclass it wasnt letting me add the photo to mariachi rythm 97.6? % so heres the url https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KsBrnSEZDPEW0jNpSX_tFHt91UfcuvWA?usp=sharing
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