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  1. It's wednesday friday my dudes. And I want to offtop for a minute. If some of you would like to watch something not understandable for you but you like to taste something new I would like to share a link to next video with you. Here's powerfull concert from one of oldest rock band in Russia which began at 1980s. First time I listented to it then I was young and I thought it's just a band with usial songs. But now I see the sence of the songs. They're going through the years of out contry. Events, people, life, love. Very strong, very soulful songs and great music. I hope some of you will find something interesting here. Enjoy watching and listening to. DDT. The history of sound. Scanty information about the group on Wikipedia
  2. The song is not as simple as it might seem...
  3. Well, highscrored from last time we played it
  4. Ho-Ho & Xo-Xo everyone! MC&HNY! Will try to fight this song more and more. At now something wrong with me (as always ) -- Not my class but fun to play
  5. Hello everyone!!! Hey-hey-hey! Really missed you guyzz!
  6. Hello everyone, the thought just buzzed in my head - I want to play the guitar! Let's strart Lead part today. And here's first results.
  7. Good week everyone! Don't partisipating in GOG but album is just awesome
  8. Californication album is getting me back to scholl days. I went to a rocket-modeling club and where in background was played some of new (and first for me I think) music. And this album was one of them. Very syntimentalic for me =)
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