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  1. It's wednesday friday my dudes. And I want to offtop for a minute. If some of you would like to watch something not understandable for you but you like to taste something new I would like to share a link to next video with you. Here's powerfull concert from one of oldest rock band in Russia which began at 1980s. First time I listented to it then I was young and I thought it's just a band with usial songs. But now I see the sence of the songs. They're going through the years of out contry. Events, people, life, love. Very strong, very soulful songs and great music. I hope some of you will find something interesting here. Enjoy watching and listening to. DDT. The history of sound. Scanty information about the group on Wikipedia
  2. The song is not as simple as it might seem...
  3. Well, highscrored from last time we played it
  4. Ho-Ho & Xo-Xo everyone! MC&HNY! Will try to fight this song more and more. At now something wrong with me (as always ) -- Not my class but fun to play
  5. Hello everyone!!! Hey-hey-hey! Really missed you guyzz!
  6. Hello everyone, the thought just buzzed in my head - I want to play the guitar! Let's strart Lead part today. And here's first results.
  7. Good week everyone! Don't partisipating in GOG but album is just awesome
  8. Californication album is getting me back to scholl days. I went to a rocket-modeling club and where in background was played some of new (and first for me I think) music. And this album was one of them. Very syntimentalic for me =)
  9. Good week everyone!Still trying to get back in champ. Not so successfully =( Sometimes slides missing.
  10. Have a nive week everyone! Getting started... Is it me or this song is just terrible? I remember I played this one lots days ago for the first time. And it was really hard to play. Now it's easier.. but I still can't play guitar :D
  11. Hello everyone! Trying to return myself to CS for a few weeks w\o any results =( So here's my shamest score for this week
  12. xo xo xo everyone! Merry Christmas and a HAPPY new YEAR!
  13. While Digitech Drop is excellent for tuning down, let me recommend buying Digitech's DT Whammy. Costs twice as much as The Drop, but it's basically 3 pedals in once.The drop side of Whammy DT Allows you to tune down AND up all the way to an octave. When going up/down an octave, you have an option to include the dry signal (makes hell of an octaver pedal effect). The left side of the pedal has harmonies. For example playing single E note and putting the harmony to 5th and you get E5 power chord, or you can make something bizarre, like adding 2nd from the below octave, so playing E note gives you a very dissonant sound with playing E and F# at the same time. On a cooler note, you can do epic unison bend-style sounds with the expression pedal while in harmony side. The middle part of the pedal is the Whammy side, which allows you to pitch shift entire chords with the expression pedal, as you would with whammy bar, but without the worrysome effect of having to deal with Floyd Rose. :) This is all of course if you play or intend to play your guitar outside of rocksmith. If you are going to stick to rocksmith, then the drop is the better option. If you are interested in some sound samples of the pedal, let me know and I'll whip something up :) Thank you very much for this big detailed post =) Really appreaciated it.Unfortunatelly I can't play guitar outside of the game. Well... That is true. Shame on me. AND. STOP. Right now I looked for prices of The Drop and DT Whammy and you know what? I found item on sale.Whammy costs +$35 from The Drop ONLY! Nevermind! I did an order! I will not use it on 100%... 80%... even 50%. This sale did a deal :D Thank you very much once again! :D
  14. I would not recommend to buy this harmonizer to everyone. Long latency and terrible output sound included. I think I steped on this rakes once again when tryed to save my money and bought it on Aliexpress. :crying_cat_face: This thing is crap. I will save money for Digitech The Drop... "miser pays twice"
  15. I think I should bite those few randomly missed notes... or my elbows :D
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