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  1. anyone see the new black keys pod on rogan? i'll be trading my entire left hand in for a butterknife soon! do you treat your little finger like the runt kid in sports class, last to be picked cos it's borderline useless? instead, start treating it like the reliable backbencher it is, know you can regularly bring it on as the superstar sub to help win the game when it's getting sketchy in difficult moments, but you still need to give it its regular dues, or it'll get bored of not participating as much as it wants to and underperform due to lethargy. teamwork makes the dream work.
  2. not flaking out of the comp just cant participate properly cos half my hand has been numb for a couple of weeks straight now... be back soon as it (hopefully) fixes itself, weak pinky at the best of times but this is another level when not got the grip strength to even full bend. edit: are we all hating on our little fingers atm?! ^^
  3. Can i just say as a pretend zoomer millennial who often pretends he's more millennial than he is actually not even gen x but more and more often straight up boomer... the quality of life improvements from such a simple thing as this make me realise i do actually need to learn to f**ing code, and even saying that ul be laughing, cos its probs just some fairly standard excel formula!! i look forward to reading ur upcoming post on reddit about automating workloads
  4. not sure how i can go months without breaking a string then break 3 high e's in a week??
  5. someone told me last week i should get a banjo can't recommend strongly enough to find a friend to jam with
  6. unlucky tin, yours doesnt count this week! (see above) I've bodged 3 of 6-inline locking tuners onto my 3/3 headstock, now debating bodging the other 3 on (upside-down lol), cos the extra tuning stability has been such a noticeable improvement - on half the guitar at least e string power chords ftw
  7. only fake bass until i get some more high e's edit: i've just watched cowboy bebop (the original, really enjoyed), my most fav new musical discovery atm is Sithu Aye... The Vapors comes to mind!
  8. fingered but on guitar *edit- post and see it says picked -> my introduction to RZ was through his films before his music?! ha The Devils Rejects, great soundtrack to that too double edit thats not even MC! both great fun to play
  9. cheeky forced duo expert first play for tinman
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