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  1. Felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants with this one, but I made it happen.
  2. Very interesting mix this week Broke my G string trying to retune after Babymetal so I could properly fail at the actual Masterclass bass record. And I liked those flats too. Oh well
  3. Didn't feel like retuning to get the beginner song today. Might do it when I go for better scores on these.
  4. Last improvements before I put the bass down for a few days to entertain company
  5. Missed one bloody note right toward the end Really gotta go back in the lab with this one. I was not prepared lol
  6. That's the issue I'm having with Rewrite. I know it's basically a scale shape, i know i don't even have to switch hand positions, and I just can't get my fingers to do it
  7. Got some doozies in both the intermediate and advanced this week, I see
  8. Well I've got one to work on this week
  9. With enough practice I can definitely perfect this
  10. And to think, I was gonna come in here this week saying it might be time for me to move up from intermediate. Then ELO learned me pretty good lol
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