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  1. I remember when this was always on the radio Riverside, another track another surprise. Cool song
  2. I'm not following the week closely due to the lack of time but.. WHAT A WEEK! both in term of songs and players (Rodman that's a summon!) I like this one! I was aware of the band but I didn't know any song in particular I will try to commit and get closer to the supernaturals here Man savatage.. my 20s. The melody, even in the solo by the Olivas (founders of the band, singer and guitarist, the guitarist unfortunately died very young in 1993 in a car accident https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savatage
  3. I like the vibes Nice mc rhythm workout
  4. nice 90's grunge, a bit long. ok for 7, 7.5 in some points of the solo but 7 is fine for me trash, doable for once in a while 8 is a good rating
  5. great instructions @ kayteck ! I also recommend Greenshot https://getgreenshot.org/ because it has an "upload to imgur" option when you take a screenshot, and it's free
  6. I got overwhelmed by family and work this week so these are only my sightreading / tries.. unfortunately because of the great week old school vibes old school (cool) but indeed really repetitive to play
  7. I've just looked into that specific score, and I can confirm that numbers are there, in the raw data from the Vision AI: that's good news I need to do the implementation when I have time
  8. Oh I didn't know that, sorry If I gave the wrong answer @ johnal , I was trying to help, and the issue didn't come up while working on the Score Assistant application (the OCR) Anyway I need to look into the Score Assistant results and see if numbers are picked, but I'm grabbing and analyzing the failed runs, like you can see here below, so we can insert these manually with the interface, or through the sheet I will look into that
  9. Yes but your total accuracy will be lower doing this Instead, in the failed run, you get the accuracy of the portion you played
  10. This is my opinion, but you never finish the song if you fail the run on Score Attack. So essentially it's not fair against who has finished it (and could potentially have a lower accuracy because of that)
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