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  1. the high riff is funny to play I'd like more the other one from Death in the championship A journey! I knew only the mariner from this album.
  2. @ coldrampage using rock-buddy, did you find a way to stay the rock buddy window on top of rocksmith?
  3. thank you guys, these alternatives are very appreciated!! I will try both
  4. Is someone able to compile this? The fix exists, but we need to compile it https://github.com/hunterpankey/RockSnifferGui/issues/4 also, are you aware of how Chainbrain has got this working? see for example in one of his recent videos, in the right corner the video was this one (I don't know how to remove the preview), but he has tons of videos with the "sniffer" on
  5. ahah @ Mikson great lead score, yes sometimes it happens, to not recognize our compatriots great video too, they make it seems so easy to play, so tight.. although is mostly speed, definitely it isn't some improvements rhythm
  6. harddd for me and no time to play, but I like it a lot I discovered that the band is italian! Unexpected https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frozen_Crown And also great that they have female guitar players, the one writing and playing this song is Thalia Bellazecca, also lefty A band full of surprises
  7. great week Whitesnake is so 90s, love it This will need commitment
  8. Unfortunately no, most were Queen Songs, then Scorpions, Guns, SkidRow, Savatage, Europe, and others. I was a metalhead btw but that was the nearest thing I found at the time I know regret a bit not having appreciated those songs more when I was playing them
  9. @ Mikson I love Frozen Crown! I'd really like to play Call of the North on Rocksmith but there's no CDLC (and I don't know how to make one, but I might try if I find the gp tab) PS: I used to play "The Best" live with my hard rock 80s band years ago (it was the only pop song, but our female singer was pretty great at that song and we played it a lot)
  10. I'd like to go platinum but there's always some minor mistake!!! I'm not at my highest yet i like them, I know them only from the championship: this and another song, both were great. No time to practice it tough
  11. @ LuZifeR great scores, you've killed it!! I don't have much time this week but I can't really play anything else than mariachi, i love it
  12. You did 40 minutes of playing (including solos) and got 99,69%!! Maybe sightreading the most! Man that's insane. I thought Halsb was the Rocksmith king, but probably I was wrong!!! For my scores.. Rush was like 70% so I didn't even uploaded, that's a difficult song and a more difficult sightreading, but I will get better And I love (and proposed) this one (which I need to re-study, the solo is pretty difficult imho) I don't remember the week but that was a close race and intense battle, near 100% Also, Kreator seems promising but I didn't had the time to try it Special week, a lot of great tunes to play!
  13. long road ahead, short time left... great song
  14. too many beautiful songs to choose from!! Some of my favorites from when I'm playing in the championship (not a lot, like from 437 or so): Galneryus - Never Again Extreme - Get The Funk Out Antonio Banderas & Los Lobos - Canction Del Mariachi Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On (this one is from the first weeks)
  15. Generally yes but don't worry I've already handled Spanish so you can keep it!!
  16. Hi @ jellisjenius , I think @ Razrshred beat me last minute on lead mc, maybe it wasn't scraped I don't know about other scores and classes
  17. Yeah besides the score, if Rodman feels it (to be ready to play into the mc rhythm tier), for me he can switch anyway regardless of the supposed difficulty of that song!
  18. you're welcome!! prepare to be nicely asphalted by Raz, nlb and the others!! but, no pain no gain, right?? talking about mc rhythm and for lead, a little improvement I like the ghost song a lot, playing mostly for pleasure than for the sake of the competition!
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