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  1. improved on 2nd run mc rhythm, yesterday sight read mc rhythm today after studying every arpeggio for a while, for a total of an hour on the song great song btw!!! both lead and rhythm
  2. amorphis a 6 also for me, not 7 really like this one (I initially thought it was the doom clone videogame soundtrack ) but too hard to sightread for me I generally agree with you @ nlbsmglsk on arpeggios. More often than not if I don't RR slow to death I will look up to the Guitar pro generated tab and then 90% of the arpeggios are easy to grok and play
  3. Work + family sick for me this week so I didn't have any real time to play. It's a shame because I love Trivium I've played basically only adv lead I agree, at first it seems hard to follow but is the weird timing / rhythm, if you RR you get the pattern. My first run was 71%! Then with RR I got the feeling with the various sections sightread, nice funny song!
  4. after practicing the solo for 15 minutes
  5. @ Rodman yes the solo has some 7 bits in there! I agree with the score anyway, 6.5 o 7 for me, not above nor below ouch on this sightreading, they are a crazy band. but I like them because of it
  6. goood week! maybe not really 7, but that's a fine and cool adv! this one for was pretty tight and difficult, it's a very high intermediate imho, almost 6. RS is very generous on E palm muted burst because I'm not very precise and clean, otherwise I will be in the 70s Doing the song with control is difficult
  7. great selection @ Mikson ! I know that the Struts' song is a bit boring to play, but it's a great song 6 for me, I enjoyed the chillness old scores when I tested the song for the selection (one month ago), I'll try to improve from it super adequate for adv rhythm and catchy with that dry distortion I also have tried Saliva - Click click boom for testing before, but I didn't finished it. Good choice
  8. Yeah no I misread sorry, if it's charted in an uncomfortable way drop pedal doesn't help, but you can mentally switch the notes on the string you prefer, they will be recognized, but it's not handy because you have to do it on the fly in your mind. I do it sometimes when fingering I'd very uncomfortable, but I need to practice it in case @ Mikson great job on ZITO anyway. Solo is monster
  9. I feel you, first weeks there's a bit of friction with scores, screenshots, tuning, classes etc. I did the same on my first, played a lot one song and then got out of time without submit I advice for a drop pedal or a multieffect capable of change the tune. Very handy
  10. I hope one day to be able to play that solo
  11. Sorry I don't have other reference than the official page https://github.com/Lovrom8/RSMods Downloads are in the release page https://github.com/Lovrom8/RSMods/releases You then will install it with its exe (as any other program) and then you need to flag the mod and set a keybinding for some options Best mods imho are: - the looping function - the speed control by a keybinding (only up) and the ability to go over 100 (very useful if you want to really master some parts) - linear riff repeater (so 50% is really 50%) - screenshot scores - autoload the profile
  12. Yes, I agree, with that solo a RR with smaller steps will be immensely helpful. I have often this problem so my solution is to use RSMods and the looping function, or use guitar pro with the transcription by RocksmithToTab. 90% of the time is RSMods loop, two function keys for that, one for the speed and you're set improved adv lead
  13. on a second listening plus some practice I appreciated this one below a lot more than the test run
  14. yeah let's stick with the original selection, sorry I was out the last two days
  15. yes we can also ditch Toto, let's hear from other what they want. I'm open to both possibilities (1. ditch toto + paleo adv rhyt + stone int rhyt or 2. set rhyt paleontology as bonus + stone rhyt as int rhyt)
  16. yeah sorry the tuning it was a leftover Down - stone the crow was the RNG pick, I tried lead, I thought that was ok for advanced (low advanced). Rhythm was essentially the same song without solo so it was intermediate. Then I missed an adv rhythm song so I picked up Toto from the past. At this point I can say unfortunately, because I did not try bgm39 rhythm (only lead) and yes it's an adv rhythm (I tried it now and I can confirm) so I was good without TOTO. Essentially I thought I had two int rhythm and I choose bgm39 over STONE for that. I don't know if it makes sense. At this point, if you want, we can put STONE rhythm into int rhythm, upgrade bgm39 to adv rhythm, and then put toto as a bonus.
  17. yes for me, I will try it to see what's look like
  18. I tried only the lead because lacking the time Can we put it as 5.5? To keep it intermediate, but difficult
  19. Got it, thanks. Beg and mc bass in this case are in fact bass only songs.
  20. I'm not sure that the script will pick your scores, be sure to post the image!
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