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  1. improvements, still in the 80s, far from excellence this is NUTS
  2. Great songs! First round for MC lead, needs improvement I love and hate this song at the same time. Because it's beautiful but the solo seems all the same to me so I get lost sightreading it Hopefully I'll try Vektor rhythm. If I'll get 90% I'll be happy
  3. As you see I'm being neutral citing him without the tag Here's my best for this week MC Rhythm MC Lead @nlbsmglskyou are pretty safe, but I'm very satisfied with my results. To be honest, my perfomances were dirty in some parts, so I have a lot to improve!! Anyway, this Kreator song is awesome. Total 9. Never heard anything from them. The more I play it, the more I want to play it. Being short of time, I tried sightreading Sexorcism. Fun song. For me 7 too, maybe 6.5
  4. It depends if bottlepat steps in, but you don't risk my overtake, because on lead I didn't learn the solo at all This morning I'll try to get 93 just to improve a bit on my last one. Not grinding so like 2 or 3 tries max
  5. MC rhythm, I think it will be my best
  6. Great job! I don't think I can reach you this week. I started on Tuesday and I can spend only 30 mins each day on that, not enough to get muscle memory for the fast parts. Also endurance it's an issue for me! But as always I'll try
  7. I haven't downloaded the skunk anansie song, so I can't upload it I like a lot the Kreator song, very funny to play, but man some riff are so fast.. I'm comfortable at 60% speed Anyway after a few tries and studying the sections this is what i've got for MC lead at the moment
  8. even without time, if I find 5 minutes, I can't resist to play Tenacious D!!! and also improved my masterclass rhythm. I strummed so hard!
  9. Got no time this week due to my sick son and away for the weekend But I can't miss Tenacious D so, for masterclass rhythm Tried Judas Priest, but sightreading the solo brings me to 88% I will post whatever I'll get in the next days, hopefully touching 90% (I'm sad because also Lust of Life is a good song to learn and play too, both lead and rhythm)
  10. I will say some obvious things: Calibration was ok? on both are you using bridge pickup? I have 3 guitars (all humbuckers) and I don't have issues on detection (or maybe sometimes I have the impression, but then I slow down the song to check and everything is fine)
  11. @nlbsmglskthis is the best I can do, after 5 or 6 tries, so I'll stop there to reach 99% I need like 10 or 20 more tries, to consolidate 100% is out of scope because in the final part of the solo I'm not in control (I need to be lucky :D)
  12. My personal opinion: rarely Rocksmith has issues on recognizing chords, but I've experienced the same on chord changes some time ago. Looking into that, I was the problem, because even if my right hand was strumming properly and in time, I moved my hand just on the last strum of the chord and not after, essentially doing a semimuted transition. It's a "bad habit", but not so important outside Rocksmith, because it goes pretty unnoticed when you play live. But if you slow down the part you will see that there are no problem on recognizing that chords. Int rhythm. I think 5 is fine, but can be daunting at first for the strumming and quick changes, so my advice is slow down and repeat missed 2 notes
  13. Thanks for the suggestion! I have the ODLC, and I played Tribute and The Metal a couple of times plus like 15 times of score attack I will surely look into these CDLCs!
  14. Nice job , tomorrow I'll put some more tries to see if I can beat it in the meantime, loved 30/90 and the movie too
  15. Yes so duel accepted ('ve seen you 97% relaunch). I also think it helps a lot with pushing our limits I think for the moment @Bottledpat12 is on another level. But not unreachable ahaha So to fuel the duel.. I've got just as little as needed to beat your last score
  16. mmh never did one in my life and I know how duel works, I'm not so good and not into it . but you can challenge @Bottledpat12, if you dare masterclass lead masterclass rhythm (my loved D), I'm aiming for 100% just for fun and I will play also the other songs.. these are all great!!
  17. love the theme @Mikson!!! and one of my personal favourite bands is Tenacious D.. so... great choice! PS: @nlbsmglskhappy to push you for a final jump
  18. my best shot after practicing the parts, deciding to stick on rhythm the speed in some parts of this song is unbelievable. Can't imagine doing it with max control on a stage. As @Miksonsaid, this is madness masterclass rhythm masterclass lead Sightreading the solo didn't go very well But I really like the song now.. to be honest at first it seems like noise (and I'm used to metal but not so much to old thrash)
  19. Totally agree. I'm doing the championship for that: practicing and improving having fun in the meantime (avoiding to do too much soulless exercises). So i don't mind, I was just a bit shocked Yes it happens in RR (which I use for learning). For example, when the verse starts (with that 3 3 3 3 ...) the very first iteration is off at the end (it's very noticeable if you RR on 75%) But that's not a big issue for me because it's not a song with tricky tempos, it's just very fast. So for me we can keep it Another issue I have is that I can't get this note registered in the main riff (on the 10th fret, D string, no matter how much slow I put the RR or using harmonic, artificial harmonic etc). Is there anyone that has the same problem?
  20. yes guys I've listened to Black & White.. need like 1 month to follow the solo! I'll do my best.. but I don't think I will see the nineties
  21. I didn't find the time to learn the songs piece by piece (I'm also participating in the reddit weekly spotlight and this week there is Pull me Under, that song speaks for itself) so these are sight-reading tries, for the championship! I like the variety and I'll give a try to the other songs too in the next weeks masterclass lead masterclass rhythm
  22. and @Mikson thanks, it's great for me (sorry, I'm a developer so I tend to always give feedback on suspect script behaviours!)
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