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  1. I see all these leaderboard posts as wrong and yes they are.. I've been at 50 points forever and won the other week and went down a point and two weeks before that, won and no change (it was the 10 week post too). I can post them if Ya'll wanna see them. But I personally don't care. Last week I asked Ya'll to bump me up a level and that didn't happen, I've been a rookie for ever LOL! Figured Ya'll would be glad to see me go up a level. These peeps who do this, do it voluntarily, and much credit is due them! I truly enjoy this Comp... It inspires me! Scores don't matter to me, I can tell if I played it well or not. But I can see those at the top rankings, it can matter. I wasn't injured years ago, and now I am. But that doesn't matter either. Music is like part of a persons soul, or at least for me it is... I just wanna play!! Think I'm starting to find myself again Thanks!!! First time playing this. .pdf
  2. .pdf .pdf .pdf You can move me up a class to intermediate if you like.
  3. Just wondering how my score goes down a point if I won beginners?
  4. Ok that video was Funny then boring LOL! The shocking I felt was more like a 9v battery when I rested my forearm across the strings. Not a 110v or more he heeee!! Ever test a little battery with your tongue ( if you haven't try it someday, LOL its shocking!) ? That kinda shocking feeling. No weird noise's while playing it, or not playing, just in case anyone would ask... Cable worked fine.
  5. Yeah Shocking Right? LOL My actual RS cable would do that to my forearm as well. But only on my battery assisted Ibanez bass and not my Fender bass. Haven't really noticed since I dropped the cable and got the Focusrite set up.
  6. Seems wierd only one post so far. First time playing all of these. Tom Morello is Awesome player and Person! Gotta Love His Mom too! .pdf .pdf .pdf
  7. Wow 3 Notes and I can't seem to get this guys style! Game Is to forgiving on this one. .pdf .pdf Different
  8. Interesting! Conflicting as to seeing the bass player, play more or not!
  9. Better post this week. .pdf .pdf Don't really know these songs, except Uncle Acid. That one really sounds messed up on Bass!
  10. I've struggled with getting the right sound for years. I used to put a "Y" connection on my guitar one would be my rocksmith cable to pc the other to my amp. Headphone audio jack out of pc to my amp. I can really crank up the songs that way. And in the mixer turn up my guitar to 100% and music down. But I was never really happy other than cranking it up. I could also change my guitar sound with my amp during the process. Always seemed to have lag from game. No matter if 2 latency or 1 or 0 or 4, lag in game settings from 0 to whatever. Lag always seemed to be either hit note early, (ex. hit E string just before note gets to string) or it was to late, or higher lag setting in game, which really makes sight reading and play suck. Experimenting with a new audio interface, and lag seems to be gone (since no Realtone Cable). But my output is not connected to a PA yet, just studio speakers. So I'm missing my loud at the moment. Repeating the same sound from the original artist is key, and most songs are off....
  11. This is the first song I have screenshot since I have put a Focusrite 2i2 3rd gen., Audio Interface into my setup. It only took 4 days, lots of helpless You tube vids! Finally figured it out on my own with lots of trial and error. But works great!!! The lag I had experienced with just the game, is now gone. Think I'm really going to like this setup! First time ever hearing or playing this song..... .pdf
  12. Here's a song thats more than 100% for those that don't think its possible! I had many more but lost a little memory some years ago, of saved data, due to a Grandson distraction! LOL Love That Kid!!! PS This is the same tune for another song with different lyrics? Hymmm.... .pdf
  13. figured I better post some thing this week .pdf .pdf .pdf sorry guess Lost don't count as it was not all 100%
  14. Don't know this song, think I played it one time. Actually not familiar with any of them. Dont think I did too bad for one play. .pdf I know only played this one time for this one. .pdf same again once.
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