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  1. Wow same exact scores, totally different %'s, and Streaks. I have had over 100% scores and never 115%. Nice Play!
  2. I guess this leans my style abit, first attempt. Avenged Sevenfold has few I really like! .pdf I like some of Smashing Pumpkins, guess not this one too much, first attempt .pdf Not very familiar with this group, but I could hear more, first attempt .pdf I thought I was gonna improve last weeks songs and I did Friday night, thinking I would play again and post Saturday. But ended up on the lake with a beautiful sky and Greatly Loved Family.
  3. I like this song, a lot more practice for me, at least I made it thru to the end.....while being Booo'd off stage lol .pdf
  4. Took a couple of times to get it right. .pdf Guess I should use a pick to score better. .pdf Hmmm .pdf
  5. First attempt .pdf 2nd .pdf didn't screen save beach boys will have to play it again later if i have time. Damn Pretty bad when advanced scores beat beginners .pdf no where near this class but tried .pdf Don't know what levels where givin to these songs but I think they are off...
  6. I can contribute a lot of songs to the song list for bass, but can not find the link anymore. Only one I could find lately is the 2014 post! It used to be posted at the bottom of the new weeks songs and results. In my dazed confusion of 10 hour work days for 6 days last week I never posted my scores. I know it does not count. .pdf
  7. Thanks For the Explanation, Peeps would have not known that. I didn't LOL! I guess with all the new great players and my suck ass attempts, my score has mellowed to a fixed rate... of 50% LOL
  8. I have a few questions about leaderboard and levels. When I look at the player level page, it only gives percentages and does not show what level they are actually playing at for lead rhythm and bass. So am I seeing people score in say intermediate but are playing at a advanced level or higher? Maybe I'm looking at this twisted, but higher level players scoring in lower level songs? Yes enjoy all the songs of course. I had the opportunity to level up a few weeks ago and did not, because I see higher level players scoring in lower levels. I need to beat them at their level not mine? I know
  9. Playing a Fretless Fender fingered .pdf Better % less StreaK 70's .pdf Ibanez fingered I always finger, should pick more lol... Think it needs a new battery. .pdf Hmm picked one of the Fenders....
  10. Hmmm why can I not find our song suggestion list link?
  11. 1st attempt Good beginner song for lvl 01 Nice!!! .pdf 1st attempt Love Nirvana, just not this one sorry.... .pdf
  12. I will only Say I love you bro!!! Kyle Betts..... one of only that knew me and i knew him and you had that special outflow we will see ya again!
  13. Wow and I thought I had a hard time deciding what song to play
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