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  1. Great Songs! First Play on all of them.. .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf Wished I could spend as much time as everyone else practicing songs during the week...
  2. I think everyone who comes here starts out as a beginner, if they have not played in the championship. You may not be a beginner, and be an advanced player. For me I just try and do better as I go and try not to get disappointed in my scores LOL. I just Love music! They do keep a spreadsheet of scores, you will find it under congrats to all winners, just click on it, "Rocksmith Championship Leaderboards", on the opening page for the championship week. Hope that helps...
  3. Great beginner song... You'd think I would do better... .pdf Played this only 3 times now, remember hearing it from days ago... .pdf First time ever playing this one .pdf First time on this one too...I was at the very end .pdf Can't believe I made it that far LOL... .pdf
  4. Wow sometimes I look at everyone's score and think I suck!! But Really I'm just learning...
  5. Trying... More beer.... Great song!!! .pdf
  6. Sounds perfect with the music as I play but, still not perfect in scoring in attack.... Have tried 0-200 in lag settings LOL... Think I need a negative setting of -5 or more. .pdf
  7. After 2 double shots and 2 corona's dang it!!! Long time since I played this one...TGIF If I could only sync this damn game, my score would be better1 .pdf
  8. Can I share songs that are no longer dwnl? That I have dwnl?
  9. I was Drinking lol I know I have played 100% before. .pdf Never played it before, same night drinking lol! .pdf
  10. Yep My wife Knows when I play them correctly or terrible too!!! LOL But she is as strong willed as me, and makes me wear head phones when she doesn't want to hear.. It was such a bad day at work excuse, used to get a few moments of Play today! .pdf
  11. Man Mikson, where am I missing that .5% on Leave Your Hat on. anyways, I have had no time to play lately work and wife don't like it if not spending my time with her. I do understand but man I love Music. We have all eternity to share lol... I suck at this song and need a week just for two small parts in it. Another repetitive song with a twist. .pdf
  12. You picked a song of mine. Thank You for that. Sorry if it seems boring to some. Music would not be where it is today if not for Blues!!! .
  13. Really don't want you to think I'm upset about not having any songs picked, cause I am not. Had I been, I would of told someone. I have always been respectful to everyone. I only play Bass because of a handicap. I don't have a interest in L or R, at the moment. If all this championship is about, is playing all three than I will resign, and just play my heart out without it. It would seem my comment has been elevated to a new level, even upsetting to some. This was not my intension and Apologies to anyone who was!
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