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  1. It bothers me that I usually only play the weeks championship songs maybe 3 times max. and usually that Saturday only. Most of the time just once. This is from Sunday did'nt play sat... .pdf
  2. I'll look but pretty sure lag is at 18, playing on a pc, and a sound out cable to amp. I also use a realtone cable and a Y splitter, one to guitar one to amp. Like to hear it loud (especially songs I like) LOL!!! Gotta keep up with unknown neighbor who plays lead loudly with his amp some times.... Would like to know which neighbor it is. I'll check the other settings. Thanks!!!
  3. It's very easy to tell I have some lag issues after playing Future People. I have to hit the note just slightly prior to the note actually hitting my string, resulting in a perfect played note rather than good or late. I have always seemed to have a difficult time with this setting in the game (whether to increase or decrease the lag setting number). Any tips on making this easier to get it right would be helpful. I often wonder if it is in the created song version or if it is lag? When I hear the song (or any song) I can tell when I should be playing the note to stay in rhythm and that wo
  4. I would love to have some more French music. I am a big fan of Blues as well. Send me a few links. Thank You...

    1. Ayn Sulthor

      Ayn Sulthor

      Here are some :

      Telephone (my favourite is "ça c'est vraiment toi")

      Superbus (Lola, Butterfly)

      Louise Attaque (j'temmène au vent)

      Indochine (j'ai demandé à la Lune)

      Noir désir (le vent nous portera)

      Trust (Antisocial -> very fun to play on RS)

      BB Brunes (Dis moi)

      Jhonny Hallyday (as the song in last RSCS, is the most famous rocker for us, but its gentle rock, very mediatic. In France Rock is lacking a lot of presence on radios... Its a niche music style, and even more for metal, punk and all the "dark" variations.)

      Ultravomit (one of my favorite metal band, parodic metal, but you have to understand french to get all the jokes ^^)

      Gojira (the most famous metal french band, but sing in english, very cerebral)


      I'm not used to blues music, so I can't really tell you good songs... 


      Hope this will fill your knowledge a bit 😉

      A bientôt !


    2. SpankNass


      dwnld'd a couple songs and currently watching Ultra Vomit concert 2019. Awesome heavy metal play, which you are correct, need to understand French.  

  5. Wished I knew more French, a beautiful language. 3rd maybe 4th time I played this song. Somewhere I missed something. Too fast to tell where, but I honestly think timing or notes are off in parts, cause I think I can add a lot of extra's, that may not be needed lol!!! .pdf
  6. .pdf Could Not dwnl the Brogner version of Twist and Shout. For some reason the version I have makes me dyslexic lol... .pdf
  7. My First Grand Child is due sometime today!!! What a Beautiful song to play today! The Mother Has such a Beautiful Soul!!! Thank You Lord!!!!! Just missing that one part of the song,.... .pdf .pdf
  8. I know how Fenders come in and it say's let the guitar acclimate for 24 hours.... LOL I see you didn't listen he heeeee and it's hard not too!!! Busted mine out and played my heart out right away LOL!!! Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!
  9. I think I was scored way higher than it sounded to me. .jpd
  10. I played this song better last Saturday when I was drinking Corona's (with shots) LOL, than this morning sober! Sorry about this song not being maxed out at 100%. Think it was the second time I ever played it, or heard it. I have a tough time with E string slides, that finger tip is missing on my left hand, so I have to try and figure out other ways to play some songs. Biggest note non-recognition I have would be my "E" string. .pdf
  11. Master Mode, Ehh not trying to increase score. So how did you do on the 5 or 6 songs @diceslinger ?
  12. It's weird but I seem to need tabs too as well @TarpMada, even though I know some of the songs (from hearing them or growing up with them , several times). Why is there not a master mode comp. in this championship? After all , that's what we are all after, to play that song! I don't wanna pack my RS to my friends house to play that song. Why is it so hard? I don't want to live in the game but learn and play outside the game!
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