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  1. Other final entry. Away again. Nobody can convince me this is not harder than the Intermediate song . Fret hand moves more often and I found I needed to look at the screen to get the timing right (wrong less often) which meant moving the fret hand without looking at the fretboard. Great exercise though.
  2. Fingers are getting a good workout on this one 2nd play through
  3. Had a quick listen, decided to do a sight read to start, turned out to be a bit quicker than i thought but the score is ok.
  4. This one is not happening for me so far. Feels like at least a 3.
  5. Fingers just wont move fast enough in the quick section
  6. Been away again so here is last weeks song to catch up.
  7. Well I really liked Rebound by Volbeat a few weeks ago so....
  8. Getting there. Now i need to put the slides in...
  9. Not here last week for this but pretty sure Joe would be looking for a new bass player after this first effort.
  10. Only had time for a quick look at this song as i am away for 2 weeks now. It was going well, until it wasnt. Youll know what i mean when you play it
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