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  1. Finally i've just been playing the notes instead of hammer on until now and this is the first song i've played that notices.
  2. @ nlbsmglsk Haha! Thank you. I played the wrong song. That is SO embarassing. (Again.)
  3. Hi @ avastreg @ kayteck @ jellisjenius My beginner bass entry has not been picked up automatically. Thanks
  4. Not much time available this week. Similar songs in that I could manage them both at lower speed but had trouble getting on the pace.
  5. Yeuk. Nice to play but I need lots of practice.
  6. Been away all week just time for a quick attempt at these.
  7. Hi @ Rodman Beginner bass winner @emu for week 486 is shown as Advanced on Player list. Thanks
  8. Intermediate bass. Got to start somewhere, right?
  9. Beginner bass. Still seem have a note recognition issue, that high score was 97.38% yet score is 50% higher scoring than this one.
  10. Intermediate Bass. Definitely challenging for me. Fast paced with lots of work for my smallest finger and big leaps up and down the fretboard. I almost didn't bother but I read somewhere "if you can play it slow you can pay it fast" so I started at 75% working up to 85% then finished off with an attempt at 100% and I'm very happy with progress today.
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