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  1. That's the issue I'm having with Rewrite. I know it's basically a scale shape, i know i don't even have to switch hand positions, and I just can't get my fingers to do it
  2. Got some doozies in both the intermediate and advanced this week, I see
  3. Well I've got one to work on this week
  4. With enough practice I can definitely perfect this
  5. And to think, I was gonna come in here this week saying it might be time for me to move up from intermediate. Then ELO learned me pretty good lol
  6. Small improvement and some tribute songs. We should definitely have a Stones record on the list for next week.
  7. grrrr, I forgot to post my updated score for last week this morning. ah well, on to the next one. I have to remind myself I've been at work for 12 hours, that's why I keep falling apart at the end of the song. I'm tired
  8. Everything's really fun this week, even though that Anthrax record makes my tiny hands hurt
  9. My turn to put in what I can before I disappear on vacation for a week
  10. I had to restart this song so many times. I'd always miss one note about half way through.
  11. I think this might be my first time 100%'ng an intermediate song??
  12. Another week, another shot at these songs Mikson pointed out that I did the wrong Crazy Diamond last. Didn't realize I had two different ones in my library. Time to try it again!
  13. It wasn't in the bass list, but since the Taking Back Sunday link is currently redirecting to Royal Republic, i played that one too
  14. I'll get into the meat and potatoes tomorrow, but I've been looking for a reason to do this Crazy Diamond run
  15. No Roxette right now, didn't feel like retuning lol I need to use a pick on Save Us. I can't keep up I Put a Spell On You is super fun, even though I'm currently terrible at it
  16. Definitely some fun stuff in here this week Summer nights gets me when the hand position moves up a fret
  17. Same, I spent most of last week on planes There is no honest reason this song should give me as much trouble as it does
  18. Bad news, got my covid vaccine shot in my fretting arm a few hours ago, so that arm is almost useless as I'm typing this. Good news, my scores will only go up from here, I'd assume lol This is obviously when the soreness started kicking in, haha This ones definitely easier than I thought it would be
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