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  1. I got an 87 on this, accidentally deleted my screenshot and am too lazy to re-do it. So here's my second best
  2. And I forgot to post my scores this week.....
  3. I'm on vacation this upcoming week, more of a working vacation (taxes, doctor appointments, the usual stuff we ignore during our 40 hour work weeks, yay) but it still means I can focus on the songs a bit more. Excited about this week. Some cool diversity in terms of genres and styles. I took a stab at Have a Cigar and ended up at 73% I think after a few tries. I definitely agree note detection is the big challenge on this track but I feel reasonably capable of playing it based on my own judgment which is very cool. Haven't messed with the Noel capo track, my poor strat is starting to sho
  4. I found this pool song a bit of a challenge tbh. I tried the advanced, maxed out around 78% tough song but very fun to play.
  5. This Strokes track is no joke fellas.
  6. This is cool. I should be doing something like this but not quite ready. Is anyone else taking theory courses? I paid for the Justin Guitar theory course. It's pretty cheap and not bad. As an aside: Did I seemingly win bonus intermediate? That song was freaking hard. I'll take a stab at that Pink Floyd track this week.
  7. ^ both sight reads! Pretty proud of that advanced performance, I can improve. It's fun to play too. ^ Second run.
  8. Speaking of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, he was just interviewed by Lee from Andertons two days ago for anyone interested. I found the timing serendipitous:
  9. This one is a lovely piece of music but a serious doozy, at least for me. ^ Too advanced for me fellas:
  10. Love the snow! Merry Christmas folks, and great guitar pick up @Rodman
  11. @MrBeefindeed, The Darkness are one of my favorite contemporary bands. Happy to see them included this week. Their other Christmas song "I am Santa" is another great Christmas rock track. Encourage you to check it out, there's a music video for it on YouTube.
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