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  1. Exciting to win Roxette, as mentioned in the last thread it was the number one song in America when I was born. So it feels right! Thanks to all competitors and organizers! Looking forward to digging into this week's tracks.
  2. I just wanted to say, enjoyed the songs this week but this song in particular stands out. It was number 1 on the billboard 100 here stateside when I was born. Cool to get around to playing it.
  3. Wow, feels like it's been a while since I won. I was on vacation last week so I guess I had the time to figure the selections out (except Bryan Adams....). Excited to check out this week's songs.
  4. This contest has introduced me to MCR, I was in HS when these guys came around. I really looked down on their music because of their fanbase (didn't like emos -- sorry to any emos in here). That wasn't fair to them, there's been some of their music in previous weeks and I liked that material as well as this week's song. Way harder than I thought it'd be.....
  5. This Bryan Adams song is no joke, I feel like I'm missing something on fret hand fingering or some crap. Wowza.
  6. Good week, didn't have much time though despite the holiday work was a complete bear.
  7. Helluva week dudes. Some great picks up there.
  8. This is the song that introduced me to New Order and in turn Joy Division, because it had been featured in Lumines.
  9. Guys, another great week. Thanks for everyone who puts work into this, I know it's not easy and it's just a labor of love. The selection this week is appetizing, get ready to grind those axes fellas.
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