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  1. Fun choices this week, thanks everyone!
  2. Deep Purple and Stevie Wonder look like fun adventures for me this week. Both seem well suited for the Strat this week .
  3. Travis - Turn Lead & Bass, been really meaning to listen to this entire album since Josh Scott of JHS recommended it on his youtube channel, this song reminded me and I did listen to the album! Then I gave it a 4/5 on RYM. I think it's pretty good! I've really been meaning to get the bass back out too. This was an easy excuse. Sum 41 - Handle This, cool song. Had some issues with note detection I think for me. I've always liked these guys.
  4. Good selection this week: Green Day: MCR, I always kind of looked down on these guys when they were big (I was in HS and thought they were for chicks) but I actually liked this track: No Doubt, I was a wee lad when this came out. Just four years old. I remember the album being huge though and actually getting a copy from my cousin and I also remember having a thing for Gwen even at a young age. I need to give this album a re-listen. Makes me miss the 90s man: The Enemy Within, this song really pushes me. I could probably get into the upper 80s if I reall
  5. I got an 87 on this, accidentally deleted my screenshot and am too lazy to re-do it. So here's my second best
  6. And I forgot to post my scores this week.....
  7. I'm on vacation this upcoming week, more of a working vacation (taxes, doctor appointments, the usual stuff we ignore during our 40 hour work weeks, yay) but it still means I can focus on the songs a bit more. Excited about this week. Some cool diversity in terms of genres and styles. I took a stab at Have a Cigar and ended up at 73% I think after a few tries. I definitely agree note detection is the big challenge on this track but I feel reasonably capable of playing it based on my own judgment which is very cool. Haven't messed with the Noel capo track, my poor strat is starting to sho
  8. I found this pool song a bit of a challenge tbh. I tried the advanced, maxed out around 78% tough song but very fun to play.
  9. This Strokes track is no joke fellas.
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