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  1. Well, I wasn't planning on playing this one much but I feel kind of obligated if it's the only song now. Hopefully it doesn't mess up my strings too bad.
  2. Well, I was able to do one attempt but it's basically impossible to get 100% without a drop pedal. The buzz on the strings (at least for me) is too much. Probably not going to do any more attempts on this one.
  3. Well, I got a 100% on my first try. As for the GoB song, I think I'll have to pass this week because I don't have a drop pedal.
  4. Ok great, thanks. That's the one I've been using but I just wanted to make sure.
  5. Also, I had a question, I noticed there are two versions of the masterclass bass song, are we allowed to use either one?
  6. Whoops, I forgot to post last week's score before I left for vacation. Anyway, here's my first attempt this week.
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