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  1. I think I should've stayed in Beginner!! This was fun - until it wasn't
  2. First attempt at beginner and intermediate songs.
  3. Had to play the Muse song first. Slide finger needs a break. The difficulty jump from beginner to intermediate is a shock to the system. My plucking fingers need a break. I have no idea how I hit this percentage. I just tried to hang on!
  4. Those slides on both beginner songs keep getting me tripped up. And then there's this. After failing at SA a few times I at least wanted to post something. I think there is quite a bit of room for improvement in this one. And it's so much fun to play!
  5. @ diceslinger , I feel like it's time to jump to the intermediate bass class. I thought I read that you need 99.5% on 3 songs and I feel I've hit this mark. Plus it's time to get out of my comfort zone!
  6. @ Mikson , thank you. This was super fun to attempt. Plenty of stuff I want to go back and practice some more!
  7. They have beginner songs and it's a great thing to learn something new each week. Either way, good luck with your journey!
  8. This seems to be the default score.
  9. Come join us in the Championship forum and try out some beginner songs https://customsforge.com/index.php?/forum/38-rocksmith-championship/
  10. I feel like I've been in the beginner class for quite some time, yet each time I try an intermediate song I'm reminded why I'm still in the beginner class. Not sure what the trick is to getting to the next level other than continuing on!
  11. Glad to be back in RS2014 after testing RS+ for the last week! So much easier to see the "note highway". I hope they get everything worked out for the upcoming release.
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