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  1. That Beach Boys song is a lot of fun to play on the bass. In Riff Repeater. On 50% speed!!
  2. Wow. This song is harder than I thought it would be. This is the one thing I don't like about RS. I may have gotten 97%, but I would've been booed off the stage. My playing was terrible. Hmmm....
  3. Thank you for posting this. Lots of fun following along. I used to have a basement full of woodworking tools. Building a guitar was something I always wanted to do. I just couldn't get out of the "you're going to fail" part of making it happen. I love how you just jumped in and went for it!
  4. WooHoo. I think I missed 1 or 2 notes.
  5. Not quite sure this should be a "3". Seems a little easy for that rating. Or maybe I'm starting to get a bit better? Who knows. Seems like a few more times thru this should give me a better score.
  6. Beginner song. I liked this and there is a better score out there for me. Bonus Beginner. Love this song but it's a boring one on the bass. Intermediate song. Really enjoyed playing this and it seems like a good "stretch" song. I'll see if it gets better the rest of the week.
  7. Not sure I've gotten 100% before. But this song was super easy for me so I guess the "1" rating is corrrect!
  8. Alright, finally a score worth posting. No weird "miss" or "late" notes for me this week. I was feeling spunky and decided to try the intermediate song (which didn't go so bad I think)
  9. @glebbThanks for testing and replying so quickly!
  10. @glebbAny chance that your converter would cause an issue where a few of the notes in a song are always a "miss" or "late"?. For the past few weeks I've had a really annoying problem where I'm playing beginner songs in Score Attack or Learn a Song and am constantly missing a few notes. If I switch to riff repeater (100% difficulty and speed) I get them right all of the time. This doesn't seem to happen on any out-of-box songs. This weeks song was Turn by Travis in case you want to check anything out. I can provide more details also if needed. Thanks again for this tool!!!!
  11. I have probably played this song 20 times and the same 4 notes always register as a miss. When I go into riff repeater (even at 100% speed) I hit all of them correctly. Start LAS or SA and miss, miss, miss. I feel like a broken record. There are plenty of people posting 100% so it's obviously something messing up between my brain and fingers! Oh well, I'm tired of turn, turn, turning.
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