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  1. Either this is a weird rhythm that I can't get in my head or my note recognition is off! This song seems like something I should easily be able to play, but I swear it's saying miss or late every third note. Thought I would try this also
  2. Man, this song is kicking my butt. Still can't finish it on score attack so I'll just post this for now. I guess there is quite a bit I need to learn about playing bass guitar. I can never get the "3rd fret yellow" to a quick "5th fret blue/orange". And the 4445 on blue is tripping me up. I've played the song over and over at 75% in RR, but at 100% WOW. I'll give it a few more tries.
  3. Wow, everyone posting their 100% on the Bowie song. I can get 94% on learn a song. But I can't get very far when doing score attack. This seems like a "hard beginner".
  4. Same percentage on the ZZ Top song, but a better score and streak. Slightly better on the Goo Goo Dolls.
  5. First attempt at this song. And I love this song so I thought I would try it also.
  6. I can do better on this song. But I forgot to upload last weeks results so I'll throw this here so I at least have something submitted!
  7. Wow, that was a difficult song to play. I think this percentage hides that a bit. I was just plucking away and trying to make sure the correct fret was mostly pressed down!
  8. @kayteck, I was having the same issue on the Drop D tuning especially the second fret. I had to force myself to not push very hard and it was finally recognized each and every time. Sure shows just how much pressure is actually needed!
  9. OK, a bit better on the beginner song. Also tried the intermediate song this week. Not too bad after a few "learn a song" sessions.
  10. First time playing and hearing this song. I'm sure this can be improved!
  11. I got a higher score on the beginner song, but none of the other stats are better. I guess I need to read thru the rules to see which is better! Thought I would also try out the Intermediate song.
  12. Fun song. If this is a "3" I feel like last weeks can also not be a "3". Either way, here is my first attempt.
  13. I can't get this song to finish on Score Attack. This might be as good as it's going to get for the week.
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