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  1. So, this time I tried those low tunings for the first time (C-Standart and C#Dropped-B). I realised that I have problems finding the right pressure to put on the strings...also I was too lazy to change the strings lenght for two songs. My lazyness produced wrong notes on the higher frets. Example: Nevertheless, for the sake of fun and XP, I tried to play Falling Apart and Dopesmoker. 63 minutes....not gonna play this one again...
  2. ...empty hallowed ground in my head blood colored rain falls down...nice
  3. Call me a dog in Score Attack. Not much improvement, but its something
  4. Had my problems with those chords...I think that I will stick to bass path this week
  5. I took my time to practice a little more...worked like a charm. Improvements: Tuned my guitar back to E-Standart...so these are my final scores for this week. Have a nice week
  6. I just cant get used to play Bass without a pick. I tried to use my thumb to slapp but it sounds awful
  7. ...so im breaking my habit of lead-phobia Powerchords was the only thing I could do so far, and I still have some difficulties switching strings so fast, but I am working on it. Breaking the habit is a nice pick to practice. Playing this Tetris version is so entertaining...just want to hop out of my chair and dance to this I think I can get better results with some more practice.
  8. I feel like playing Judas Priest today...just for fun
  9. Try for lead path (there was no way I could play that in Score-Attack) Some improvement in playing real Bass...ooooh, those slidesmy fingertips hurt. Hope to get some more callus there
  10. Testing out my finished DIY Bass for a week now. WOW. Playing real Bass is a perfect workout for my hands and forearm areas. Quite fun anyways...a good way for me to discharge my frustration..LOL Gouge away has some sensitive slide parts I need to practice some more. Will look at the lead path later this week. Pitty there is no beginner rythm this time.
  11. Could be a short circuit between one of the audio-cable ends and the ground. If the soldering was done badly, the connection could release and touch the ground (pin or casing). You could measure the resistance between the audio pins and the ground. If the Resistance is low (something like 1 Ohms), than there is a short circuit that needs to be fixed. Do you have any audio issues? I think I will pass this weeks championship. I really love the idea of a 90s themed song selection, but the songs are too hard for me to play. Sorry.
  12. There was not much difference between the rhythm and lead path exept for that outro I could not do I do not enjoy the singing in this song, but the lyrics are quite interesting
  13. Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet Treu ihr sein für alle Tage Nein
  14. I just gained some courage to use score attack again. These are my results: Lead: striked out just before the solo part began Rythm: Bass:
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