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  1. I just gained some courage to use score attack again. These are my results: Lead: striked out just before the solo part began Rythm: Bass:
  2. I got the Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit J-Style. What I dont like about most of these DIY Kits is that the head part is not shaped. Thats why I hesitadet at first to buy one. I have no woodworking sklills but am experienced in metal- and pvc-working. So some handcrafting skills are usefull. I managed to shape the head as I desired: Sorry for off-toppic.
  3. The lead part of this song was quite difficult (those pesky chords): Rythm also had some difficult chords, but not as much: Bass part was fun ___ ...talking of carpentry... I finaly got my DIY Bass Kit The neck is already done. Next step will be painting the body...still looking for some good ideas.
  4. In fact, there was no way that I could resist that delicious Nightwish treat: I know, these are intermediate songs, but I play my favorit NW songs everyday anyway (even if I have to improvise sometimes, like in the rythm part...but that actually is the fun part )
  5. I enjoyed playing this weeks song selection for beginner. They were so much fun to play Just wanted to test those murky intermediate waters: *BRRRRR*...nope...still to cold
  6. I played this one just for fun. I love fade to black
  7. Bass Bonus: This song was more fun to play then James Blunt
  8. Meh, I was not really motivated to play these songs. I got really bad in Rythm and Lead even worse.
  9. ...Blessed with the deep the silent the complete.. Ooooh ooo o ooh ohh oooh...
  10. I also listened to the post Tarja era Albums but I could not enjoy any of the newer releases (exept for the Poet and the pendulum sang by Marko...he is gone now too ). I was just missing that classical female soprano voice I fell in love with so many years ago. Apart from that I really enjoy Floor Jansen singing the old NW songs I have seen them live once when Anette was Leadsinger
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