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  1. So I think this week's intermediate lead is harder than the advanced. I only played the intermediate one twice (once LAS, once SA) and played the advanced a couple more times than that, but it seems like the intermediate really did not want to register a lot of those power chords for me. Also, the arrpegio (I think that's what it is) was quite tricky and the little solo was rough. Anyway, have a good week everybody. Nice and easy one this week. Fun rhythm song.
  2. Had a late start. Too late for this week. I liked those songs though.
  3. Played this one a bunch on PS3 after my sister passed away.
  4. @ genobadass The easiest way is to take a screenshot. Then go to your steam account and go to your name. On the right hand side, there should be a list of stuff, choose screenshots. From there click upload screenshots and choose the shot. (I always upload to public, I don't think it matters). Then click the screenshot and right click and copy Then go in here and right click and paste and it will paste it here.
  5. A pleasant surprise (although it's a bit tricky) The muted parts are very fast here. It took me at least 10 minutes to get to 50% speed in LAS on those parts. I think the difficulty may be a bit low on the rating but not sure how that's calculated.
  6. quick playthrough before I go on vacation. Have a good week everybody
  7. Played these at work last night so they're not really first plays for either of these. The slide is hard to get on the Gary Moore song.
  8. Pretty difficult lead intermediate songs. The other one, I did even worse. Maybe I'll do better next week.
  9. These types of bar chord songs I really can't do without cramping. Try to pull the neck back as opposed to pushing with my thumb but it still really cramps.
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