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  1. These types of bar chord songs I really can't do without cramping. Try to pull the neck back as opposed to pushing with my thumb but it still really cramps.
  2. So, I was having trouble last week and this is what I did. 1st Take the screenshot. 2nd go to the steam screenshot uploader (hope you're using steam) 3rd right click the pic you want and choose save as. I think it will default save to your pictures folder. 4th Go to that folder and drag and drop here. Here's an example
  3. Anyone else having trouble uploading screenshots? I keep getting some steam cloud error.
  4. So, In SA. It seems like sometimes the game just decides to not recognize notes after a while. These are songs that I clear on hard and then i can't even get two strikes. Anyone experience this? I riff repeated the part and then it seemed to do good but then it just wouldn't recognize it. So frustrating.
  5. I'm happy that the songs are the same. Didn't get much playing time in last week and some of the songs were cooo-elllll.
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