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  1. Man, this one is pretty hard imo. I took the speed down to 3% in rr and still couldn't get it. rhythm isn't as hard but I hate RS note detection in slides so much.
  2. Gotta skip next week but thanks for this week's songs.
  3. Holy smokes! You got a Bela Fleck song in there too!!!
  4. My opinion of this week's intermediate songs is as follows:
  5. Hi, So, I'd like to use my DAW (mixcraft 9) to record myself playing tracks. I was able to do this once, but when I tried it later, it didn't work. Both in LAS and SA, the game just stops and brings me to the end screen. The first time (when I was able to do it) there was no sound in the game, but it gave me the notes to play and I could record it into my DAW, but now it won't do that. Please note, I'm not interested in using game capture type programs. That's not what I'm after here. Rather trying to use RS to merely record myself playing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Busy week. But wanted to at least get a play in.
  7. So, the intermediate rhythm is definitely hard but I don't think it's that out of place in intermediate. I'm definitely an intermediate and it took me 2 times to pass it on SA after 1 time playing through in LAS so I think it's challenging bur not something I can't do. However, I think it tends to lend itself towards higher scores (accuracy) than players like me deserve because I think I can register lots of notes just by slapping strings.
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