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  1. Looks like @mackaybre deserves credit for choosing this week instead of me.
  2. I played this a ridiculous amount doing the transcription so feel free to disqualify me this week .
  3. Tried to download the CDLC's but got this error: "OAuth Error: An OAUTH Error has occured, or the forums are in maintenance mode. Please try logging in again"
  4. This was tough with only 22 frets, and just when you think the song has a perfect ending - there's a section with a bunch of random nonsensical notes?!? Weird. And here's my rhythm submission:
  5. Had to tune my D string lower to get some of the notes to register, but once I did that it was no problem. Though my first screenshot attempt was late so I had to do it again. On to Rhythm and Bass...
  6. Decided to try all three tracks this time since it was just one song. And look, embedded images! The new site is really cool.
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