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  1. The Iron Maiden is getting better. Still having trouble with chords and some (slow riffs), but the computer is pretty sure I'm capable of playing it way better than I am. But an accuracy of 96% is also quite okay (though some misses are never discovered). I'll soon try the Score Attack. As goes for my own league... we are not good friends. Contrary to Iron Maiden, the computer finds more flaws, than I'm playing. Especially in the beginning with all the sliding. Often when I slide, it does not recognize the note I'm sliding from. That is very annoying! And the streak never gets to bu
  2. I must say, that the beginners song are harder than usual. And I think the rhythm is wrong. It looks like it's 6/4 (with 8th-notes), but sounds like 4/4 (with a lot of triplets). That does not make it any easier! And I think the other strings should have been used quite a lot more! The intermediate is also a bit difficult, but rather fun as well... not my typical type of musik. But I forgot to take screen shot, though I'm not completely happy about it yet anyway. The advanced is nice, but who gave the bass chords?!? I like Iron Maiden (also the new stuff), so I'll practice this
  3. A small (a very small) improvement. No frog leaps here... though a very small leap is maybe exactly a frog leap. I'll have another go in a few minutes. Just wanted to be sure to get the best run in to the competition. Quite a bigger jump in the next class, but still quite some percents after others.
  4. Yay... made a good one on that intermediate... still fingering. Though that is what I do. Never picking anything (but my nose). And soon I'll have a go with the Karosene.. in tempo... so far I'm at 95% speed, and it's okay 20 or so misses.
  5. me too...# What's the point in having bonus paths if not? I mean, if no recognition or award of any kind, then no need for bonus paths. If I need other things to play just for the fun of it, I'll go nuts on the CustomsForge-page. So I'd say: reward points, mention names and so forth...
  6. The intermediate just needs a few justifications, then... But this is also quite okay. And I've begun practicing the next level as well, but that still requires some practicing.. to get it up to speed. Now it's "so so" on speed 85%...
  7. The beginner song was not so tough this week. First a go at "learning", and then this in second go: But I must admit, that I have a feeling, that "Drop D" is not the style of Ed Sheeran, and a few places I think he would have used a few more strings. But fun to play something not my style. Though I don't think I'm gonna play it anymore. The intermediate went quite good, but I forgot to take the screenshot. So that'll have to wait. The other two songs are completely out of my league! I think...
  8. Well, you forgot the bonus intermediate bass winner...
  9. Speaking of clarity about deadline. This week ended around half an hour before the magic 7pm CET. So no frog leaping this week, though I made a better version of Def Lepard than before, but not better than yours anyway.
  10. Stupid She Wolf... Actually the song gets better while playing and listening to it several times. At least I got past the 90%. But it's still hard and very difficult.
  11. Finally made a play through of the She Wolf, and damn she is a hard one! I think it's higher than "intermediate" level. But at least I get better at making octaves. And it seems I can't get the other ones any better. Deap Vally is a bit annoying, for I'm sure I play it better, but some notes seems to be missed, though I'm sure I play them...
  12. I must admit, that the She Wolf is really pulling teeth... Now I managed to play it at 95% speed with only around 50 misplaced notes. So tomorrow I'll begin playing it at tempo. Today (and with yesterday) I only managed a slight improvement on Def Leppard... and only on the Score and the Streak. But I'm stille happy about the Accuracy. It's okay.
  13. Had another go. The She Wolf is really hard (for me). Now I managed to get through at 80% speed... (with only around 100 missed notes). But Deap Vally was okay: And Def Leppard went also quite nicely. I can do it better... but it's only monday. And again I got lucky. I think, if I can get around 95% right, then it's not 8 in difficulty. It doesn't sound very good, but I have a feeling of the song...
  14. Had a minor try on this weeks songs. Forgot to make screenshot of Deap Vally, but had some fun with Def Leapard. And then came the She Wolf. WTF?! I'll have to practice those octaves all week. I had no flow, and played it at half tempo... and still with a lot of mistakes. But I got lucky with Daft Punk... but I think it was due to... well... luck.
  15. I must admit, I haven't heard about the deadline (but looking it up now, I see it clearly ), except when the next weeks competition has started. It's not intended to "leapfrog" anything.I was just lucky with my play through at this moment. Usually I wait for the next day with posting, due to the slowness of this webpage in the evening, but saturday I post it more or less "live", due to the deadline. Please notice, that I live in Europe, so 7pm CET is prime time for my playing. On the other hand I seldom start the new competition until Sunday evening.
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