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  1. Finally I got time to play this weeks song. I'll probably don't have much time (again) with exams and such. Based on my scores from first play throughs, the beginners song is the second most difficult one!?! (to be fair, I practiced a bit during Suffer). Especially the end was crazy, and quite out of the difficulty level of the songs... I think that leads to another discussion. Should the difficulty be based on the hardest part, the average or what? If based on an average, you can risk meeting song at your level, where half of it is way too difficult and another that are too easy... After a little practice on a single part, I got the idea of this song. It's a nice one, and not that difficult. The bonus intermediate on the other hand is (according to my first play through) the easiest... Though it didn't feel like that. I enjoyed it a lot though. My league was the most difficult one, and I didn't really like the either. It's gonna be a tough one to be inspired to play... And finally... the masterclass. There was a lot of guessing, but somehow I managed to pull off a whooping 95%! But... Why the hell should I bee tuning for Standard A, when the A-string never came in use? Standard D would suffice... I have a 5-stringed, so it was not a problem, but still kind a stupid. Furthermore... Whats wrong with the other strings? Everything was on a low D-string (as yellow), and a little on the next (blue), but my hand was moving up 12th position and down again many times... in rather high speed (and I would think i missed more notes than Rocksmith thinks I did). It would have made a sense to use all strings... But it's a nice collection of very different songs. Thank you for that!
  2. Busy week... Yesterday I managed to improve the Zombies.
  3. After a lot of practice... I didn't manage to improve the Muffin Man... It's a rather difficult song. Well a lot of it is okay easy, but to get it the final way, there are some rather difficult parts... BTW... is it (relatively) easy to open the file and change a few notes/fingerings? I think some parts are played/noted wrong, and I want to change it, as to not get so confused when I play my own fingering with the shown dots. The only song I managed to improve was the Zombie Barricades (and the mistakes were stupid...): I also tried the advanced song, and I think I improved it a little, but didn't remember to shoot the screen(?). But I'm still below 90% and watching "my league" all scoring above 95% is actually not very motivating... (and also I really don't like the song very much). Yeah... I'm really complaining.
  4. To day I only looked at the intermediate songs... Now, when they go to dif. 6, they might be my league, but lets see. The Muffin Man is rather difficult some places... and I think there are some wrong placing of notes (wrong use of strings). Dif. 6. I'm a bit surpriced by the accuracy. I didn't feel like playing it so well... And the bonus song is great fun. Though not in any way as difficult as Muffin... dif. 5 I think I'll nail it soon.
  5. Another week have begun, and the appendix has begun. Starting with the beginners song. Not that difficult, but also rather boring song... not so much the bass part as such. Well the song is just not my cup'a tea. The Muffin Man was on the other hand not really that easy. I might spend some more time with it... but what are you supposed to play around here (I have long fingers, but I don't think I can pull a long slide with one finger, and still be playing in the other end of the bass The Bonus song is quite easier, but also a great riff. It might feel like more fun, since I can play it... Then came the advanced song... and this shows my apendixness(?) I think I'm rather far from mastering this song in any way... Though the masterclass went of cause worse. It was mostly guessing. I'm not going to use more time on this song. It's way out of my league.
  6. A small step for me... a even smaller step for humanity... well and for the animals as well. I've moved up, 0,09% since my last high score. And that's a few days ago... Couldn't improve Megadeth. I think this is my level for this song. It seems like this is as good as it gets. But my fingers are tired, so I can at least feel I have practiced.
  7. I do! But mostly because I'm curious about how it goes for you. I think we are rather close level-wise. Again to day, I couldn't improve my accuracy scores. And that is a bit annoying. I'm only playing the two advanced songs, but I can't seem to improve it, no matter how much I try. When it comes to Megadeth, I think it comes down to luck, but with Animals I can't get that first riff certain. I miss just one part or another most times, and I've practiced it slow. Especially the upward movement (blue 5-7-9, orange 7-8-9) is annoying. I can play it, but not tight and precise, so in tempo one note gets wrong... But this could be a good point to have a real teacher, to show me how to do it... right. Anyway. Wonderful songs in advanced class (maybe because they are rather non-advanced ).
  8. A bit late practice, and again only with the advanced songs. But they are really great. Though I must admit, i'd like to see how people are fingering the first (main) "riff". I'm really having problems with it. Sometimes I'm more lucky than other. I really like the end riff! It's awesome... maybe because I can play it. And I also have a feeling of Victory with Megadeth. I'm very close on making it perfect! And Steam has been repaired, so it's easier to share screenshots again!
  9. I've given the advanced songs some attention again today, and it pays off (and I don't have to tune my bass all the time ). They are great songs, and about the level I can manage to play convincing... About the animals, I must say, I have some difficulties to get the main riff right, and it goes on a few times, so that pulls me accuracy somewhat down. Since I'm capable of learning this, it has to be around 6.5 in difficulty. I'm quite happy about the results so far though: I even got a better high score, but with a worse accuracy. On the other hand, I gave also some attention to Megadeth. I have some problems with the timing, but the computer is very understanding, and accepts to many uncertain notes. If I was the bass in a band, there would be... wobbly rhythm. I don't think the audience would be impressed. But the score is very acceptable (for me). The difficulty is less than Animals... I'd say 6.
  10. The appendix is moving... upwards. I must say, that this Muse is a great song. I think it's a bit difficult, but I'll get closer. But it was also all I managed for today.
  11. Another week has begun, and another group of very different songs has been downloaded and now tried. Thanks! As usual I start out with the beginners songs. First time I had to find out what happened, but at second play through I managed the 100%. It had it's places. I'd say 2½-3. The other beginners song was a bit different, but I managed 100% first time, so it's not that difficult. 2. This was second time with score attack. Then started the tuning. There should be a law against it! The Rivals was a bit tricky, but I just have to figure it out, I guess. Not sure how I feel about the difficulty... At the advanced levels I got some more problems... I feel like the fingering should have been different. But I'll look into it, and practice the difficult parts. Then maybe it makes sense. The other advanced had a strange sound. It was hard to hear if I was playing it right. And the riff at the beginning I think should all be played on e-string. This also needs some focus on some parts, but it's closer than Muse. And finally the masterclass. This was mainly guessing, and I don't feel like being close to learning it. Couldn't make sense of it. I think it's beyond my level.
  12. Did some early practicing today. It went quite well. First I got the Elevation song perfected... Then I went for the White Limo. I agree, that the sliding seems wrong, and that the fret 13 should always be played at yellow 8! But I got this great playthrough: Then there was this Bad Reputation. I can't figure out what the real rhythm is. I'm guessing a lot... and nobody would accept my playing from a stage. The palm mutes a all muted from the fret, and the sound is not very good. I would benefit immensely from some note sheets (or at least synced rhythm visually) on this song. I still think this is even tougher than the Beach dudes. First I got around 95% and then this one (I'm a bit choked still ): The Beach Boys on the other hand is not getting much better. I'm not sure how I got the 99% before. I can't even reproduce that result...
  13. I didn't manage to improve the beginners song (well a better score, but I wan't to make it perfect... maybe tomorrow), but the Beach Boys went even better. I've got the hang of it (almost). The rhythm makes sense, and you get the riff, and can play it from many positions... then the fingering changes how to play it. The main reason for this to be so difficult is the different way the same riff moves around (one half tone up, and a whole new fingering!). I spent some time with the Foo Fighters today, but I didn't manage to improve my score. It's like the sliding don't matter, so I didn't get much out of rehearsing that part. I tried the Thin Lizzy, and I don't think it's that easy as other puts it! I think it's somewhat above my level, and would rate it around 8(!) As mentioned before we all have different strengths and weaknesses, and I'm not at good terms with palm-mutes (especially since I don't use plecter), and I have big issues when the tempo is not aligned with the bars in the game. It would be so much easier for me, if I could have my feet and the lines in sync. (Note that the accuracy is only because I played a part really slowly and almost understood it... almost).
  14. After a bit more practice, it seems I begin to understand the Beach Boys. First I've got a new score for U2. It's not perfect, but getting closer: And then the Beach Boys. They got almost all my attention today. And it is a tough one. I think it's more difficult than the Foo Fighters... But as I said, with a lot of focus and attention my playing in this style has improved. It's a fun song, but not easy. It'll get even a bit better. The advanced song is also fun... Though I can't seem to get the small slides to work (it's lot easier to let the hand stay put). And the jump to fret 13... forget it! I'll take it on yellow 8, thank you very much. From now on it'll get a bit more attention. Thin Lizzy has still not been tried...
  15. So now I've tried most songs... though not Thin Lizzy, but she's been downloaded now. But I must say, that the levels are rather confusing. First of: The beginners song. It's okay... first time I got 96% and now 98%. For a beginners song, I think it's a bit ind the difficult end... diff. around 3 And then came the Beach Boys... Bitchy Boys Mostly because I think this is a very difficult song for bass. I started with 76%. Second time was a bit better (shown here), but it's still rather difficult. I think with some practice I can get to understand it, but it's still a tough one. I'd say diff 6. Then came Foo Fighters. It was the one with the highest score for first play through for me. It's a fast one, but I think it's way easier that Beach Boys. Something around dif. 5. Thin Lizzy was not tried today, but Jeff Loomis had a go. I think, that the main reason, I could have a chance with this sing, is because I have a 5-stringed bass, so the tuning is not hopeless for me... so if everybody else gives up, I have a chance. Secondary: It seems like its accepting my wild guessing. Way more than it should, I think (or it can't really hear the deep notes clearly, so whatever I play sounds right). I guess, that if it was hearing right, it would be like dif. 8.
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