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  1. I'm not sure what group I'm competing in... Either I'm winning the intermediate (though not by far) or is part of an appendix for the advanced group (and not really in the competition). Never mind. This week has a great song in the advanced class, so I'll probably use some time on that song anyway. Today was mostly play throughs. And the masterclass... that was beyond my abilities (and patience) to play through.
  2. Finally I managed to get the intermediate perfect (still can't get the beginners song perfect): And with the advanced song I was lucky... didn't practice further, just played it through. From here on it's only luck getting me better scores. And then I tried the masterclass... I'm not sure it has a very good "hearing". In the main riff I was just panickly playing something with those notes, but it went on quite long, without ruining the streak.
  3. Another days practice. The beginners song is almost there... why the hell is it so difficult to get right all the way? No improvements on the intermediate. It's a rather difficult one. And finally the advanced song. I'm slowly climbing... Compared to Honey++ this is no way 7,5.
  4. Another days practice. The first levels did not get improved. The advanced song got a better score, but sometimes it comes down to lucky guessing... but more and more qualified guessing. But I've been practicing a lot more than usual, and off cause that is nice and good, but I don't think I can keep that up every week...
  5. I'm actually not making any assumptions about you. Not active or not around... I can't see scores from you, and that's exactly why I can't say anything about your score. The debate here is not so much about where people start but how the ratings end up. My comparison is based on the leaderboard, and the scores people share. But apart from that: Rodman did make 92,25% at Sunday. I can't say if it was the first play through, but he's a bit further at that point (to say at least). So your claim is still not right (about him). Sorry, Rodman, that we are talking about you.
  6. Another days practice. I still think the beginners song is rather difficult, but I've found, that if I play yellow-5 instead of blue-0 it makes more sense (to me). The intermediate is also almost there... needs a little correction here and there, but I got the hang of it. And finally the advanced song. The guessing is getting more and more qualified. Especially the first half, that I can play almost correct... in 90% speed. But 94% is not bad (from 88% yesterday).
  7. And the scores for today... Actually the beginner bonus is from yesterday. It's a rather easy song... difficulty 2 I agree. To day I got a nice score with beginners song, but I think it's a bit above difficulty 3... maybe 4 or even 4,5. It could be because there is problems with the recognition. The River is a nice song. And is challenging for me as well. I'd say level 5. And finally the Dani California. I forgot to take a screenshot but after quite a lot of practice I got the accuracy up to 88%. There is quite a long way... Ther'll be screenshots later on.
  8. I can see, I'm not the only "black sheep" here. Kayteck is in quite the same situation. Though he doesn't make quite the fuss about it. I think the thing, that annoys me the most, is people think I should get more challenges, and It's the right level for me (and so on). All those arguments also holds for the top group in the advanced class. For the exact same reasons the top 5 (or so) should advance from advanced to the masterclass. "To get more challenges". The main difference between me and the top 5(-ish) is, I'm (almost) the only one with the problem, while they are 5(-ish). And I th
  9. PS: I deleted most of the quote to not use so much space. But hank you for a great answer. Showing "Just a girl" as the example is not the best. That song was quite overrated. I'm usually around at least 2% after the top-group of the advanced class. I agree, that you (organizers) make quite a big work for everybody around here. I'm very grateful. And I don't think you should put more work in to it. Let's keep it simple. Maybe I should just accept, that I'm "between levels" for now. I can see there is a good competition in advanced level. It's just a bit over my level... and mos
  10. If you by "landing" mean ending, then no. That is not where you and Rodman ends up. Well I can't say about you, It seems you haven't been here a while. But I can see Rodman ending up around 98-99% every week (along with others), on advanced level, and then around 92% to 95% in masterclass. Scores that are somewhat beyond my capabilities.
  11. Not much (score-wise) progress today... But I've been thinking about this whole leveling problem. On one hand, I've been ruling the intermediate level for some time now. From that point of view I should get to the next level. But when I'm looking at the advanced level, it's clear to me that I can't really compete there. The top of the advanced level is often also above 95% in the masterclass level songs (as well as around 99% in advanced level). While I'm only above 95% in advanced class... now and then. What I'm trying to say is, that either should there be an "in between" level for peopl
  12. Did some play throughs yesterday, so I'll be sharing some scores before the practices for today... The beginners is actually a bit difficult... While the beginner bonus on the other hand just played it self (more or less): There will be some score attacks today. With the intermediate... it's difficult until you get the hang of it. Then it's okay... this was my second play through: And finally the advanced song... where some people think I should be... There was a lot of guessing...
  13. Thank you, but I'd rather not. When I practice seriously I get some good scores on this level, but so far I don't have a chance on the advanced level. Sometimes I get a good score on advanced, but often I just cry my self to sleep with around 90%... And besides... the intermediate group is rather small... let's not all huddle together in the same group.
  14. Another way is, when you start in "learn a song"-version, then pause the song (as if you would practice a small part). Mark the whole song, and turn up difficulty to 100. And then go back to playthrough.
  15. I've been ill this week, so I never got to practice as much, as I would've liked. Today I couldn't play the beginners song or intermediate any better than last time (actually a bit worse). The advanced song is... well rather advanced... when it comes to the fast part in the middle. With a little focus (and luck) I can play that part in 90% tempo with only around 2 missed notes. When playing through it's just as wrong as what I have posted before... But there is a "bass 2" part! What is the difference? It seems just like the other part, but when I played it through I managed to g
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