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  1. I wouldn't say this is 3 Oops, I guess I'll have to play it again Can't play the parts with 4-7 stretch. Why not transpose it to 7 and 9 on the same string?
  2. LOL, you won Advanced with 55%! I should have tried it too - but didn't like the song so I spent more time trying to get a better score on Weezer.
  3. Very fun to play. Upbeat The Cure? The best I could do after half an hour of trying with no RR Could probably reach 90 to 95%, but no time
  4. Played Metallica again, improved by almost 1%
  5. Tiring. I had to play it with a pick Too easy for 8
  6. Hold on, I won the Advanced Bass, not MIkson. Is AJFA for GoG over? Definitely not ready to play it but at least I tried.
  7. All first attempts, I doubt I'll find time to play these again
  8. Note recognition sucks... Surprisingly enjoyable to play... I normally don't like fast power metal
  9. I'll have to try this again... weird chords Would have been 99% if it wasn't for the short solo. I can hardly play these on RR, let alone sight-read
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