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  1. War Pigs should be MC level. My fingers got cramped Didn't even try Symphony X. The chart looks like guitar masturbation.
  2. Ugh, these slides just don't get recognized A bit too hard for intermediate level Phew! I had to use a pick on some parts. It's impossible to play Damage Inc with fingers!
  3. I only like Galneryus this week but it's way above my level...
  4. I'd say Nirvana is at least 4-5 if you play all the slides and muted notes correctly. This one isn't easier than AJFA...
  5. About 45k. That's the whole customsforge and most of the official DLCs
  6. @diceslinger After a couple of hours of messing around with the settings, this is what I got. Next I need to experiment with a green screen and filters. I'm using a Logitech C722 Pro camera, Rocksmith is in QHD resolution, camera capturing 720p 60fps. Need to disabled "audio exclusivity" in both Rocksmith and Windows sound devices for it to work. A 5 min recording is about 700 MB, and you need a relatively decent computer to do it. I'm doing it on an HP Zbook with a quad core i7, 32GB RAM and Quadro GPU, seems to be working ok but I saw occasional stutter in the video. Not sure why as my CPU is barely doing 50%, and the GPU is around 65% utilization.
  7. Even managed to do Advanced Lead with no X!
  8. Also recorded myself playing just using a cellphone. Tomorrow I'll try OBS and do a proper overlay. No Doubt - I'm Just a Girl (Rocksmith CDLC Bass) - YouTube
  9. I think I had my first slow dance with a girl to No Doubt - Don't Speak. Played it a few times before, got a better score now
  10. I think My Chemical Romance is much harder than No Doubt
  11. Jeez, how many notes are in this song? 2nd attempt Surprisingly easy for Rush Fingered? More like "programmed"
  12. Would be good for Advanced bass, probably 6, although I played it with a pick Meh, weird. I'm not as smart or enlightened to enjoy Tool!
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