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  1. Sawako best sensei. I can definitely hear Blackmore and Paul Gilbert throughout this: First playthrough this week, first 70+:
  2. That's fair enough. The reason I usually do this to songs lower than Eb standard is to substantially lower the chance of correct notes being counted as misses.
  3. This is the exact same chart with all the note positions in the same place, it was just pitch shifted with Song Manager. I can PM you a link to it if you desire.
  4. Best solo compliation tracks of any of the following guitarists would be madly appreciated: - Alex Lifeson - Steve Howe - Steve Morse - Ritchie Blackmore - John McLaughlin -Al Dimeola -John Petrucci -Michael Romeo -Syu (Galneryus) -Luca Turilli -Chris Degarmo -Chris Oliva -Chris Letchford -Chris Poleland -Marty Friedman -Jason Becker -Kiko Loureiro
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