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Locked Mediafire Survey.


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I've been hearing several reports of people having more and more issues with Mediafire.- Popups *Even with Adblock*- Download limits- Captcha's

- Broken files.

and more.If more people are experiencing any issues while using Mediafire to download CDLC please post so here.Thank you.


Just to clarify, we are not persecuting people who use mediafire, this is purely to find out how many people are experiencing (and aren't) problems with mediafire. (Contributed by The Troglodyte)

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Just tried a couple mediafire links - I couldn't reproduce the problem. Maybe the site was hijacked?

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Mediafire ramps up its security measures, the more you use it, the harder they make you work for it. to the point that its next to impossible to use. If you only download a few things, mediafire doesn't care, as you get more, the obstacles become increasing in number and difficulty to the point where its simply not worth it .. i could chart the song myself faster than i could download it
Most people that download files, only get one, two per day, and would not subjected to the measures that mediafire has in place to make a profit from its users. 
While I understand that mediafire is easy to use, and it's free, there are so many alternatives out there that do not make you jump through hoops to use.  dropbox.com, zippyshare.com mega.co.nz, and google drive are a few that spring to mind that are not only free to use, they do not present you with popups, captchas or viruses when you try to use them.
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Mega.co.nz is the best site in my opinion... at least for downloading things.


As for the survey, I haven't encountered these problems that were listed, MF seems to work flawlessly for me.

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not sure if this helps but with mediafire I never left click the download link. I always right click on the download link and then click save target as. Works every single time I do that yet if I left click I get some problems.

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Oh I didn't have time to read all those werdz, but whatever they says, I'll always be ready to help you just like you have me. :D

Edit: Ok, all caught up now. All's well. I was mostly just annoyed cos it was misleading, and made me go look sommeplace else to get the gist


No biggie.

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I use mediafire for my shares. Although they do present the occasional advertisement to install some PC Optimizer crap, I have never experienced an automatic download of anything from them.  I have been prompted to download things in ads, but I just download the file that I went there for, and close the tab (or browser) window.  They are a business and they make money by selling ads so they can provide the free service.  I have no problem with that as long as I have the option of saying 'no' to their request to install things.


Adblocker works by analyzing a page's code structure and detecting when it has made a call to an external ad-server.  If the code on the page is written so that the content is not called from an external source, then adblocker typically won't detect it.  It may be more complex than that, but that's the basic premise of the extension's design.

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Apart from beautiful Russian Milf  pop-ups I have no problem with Mediafire. I don't use Anti-virus software because I still feel unpriotected with them, so I couldn't say anything about viruses.


So far Dropbox impresses me most in terms of speed of download and no advertising and simplicity though I have found Zippy, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to also be adequate. Mega could be a tiny bit better streamlined but is fine too I think.


Considering the hours of fun in each package I will be happy to visit whatever site you guys post on as long as it is safe and obvious. I do hate pop-ups and couldn't be bothered with the mentionned remedies but my love of the content you all share with us far outweighs the very acute hate I have for advertising. :)


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I am using AdBlockPlus and NoScipt in Firefox which gives me perfect control on what scripts are running at least from my perception. Firefox is a bit slow though if you use a lot of tabs. For Downloading I use DownThemAll which works with most of the providers.


You can use OneDrive as an alternative for sharing files. Microsoft is very strict on data privacy. And for me it works pretty well usability wise.


I got captcha's but not very often. With the above config I never got any popups. I had to allow skripts from mediafire, but have not allowed any other scripts in order to be able to download files.


Rock On,


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Never got the slightest popup, nor any other annoyance from mediafire, that's why I use it.

I mainly use for the .parc files


But the problems may come from the browser,

I don't know if there are still people using Iexplorer, Chrome is ok except its Google, NSA friends.

I use Opera, Firefox seems alright too.

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Mediafire worked OK for me with paranoid-mode Firefox (Adblock Plus, NoScript, cookie whitelist, etc.).


I'm now mostly switched to Chrome, and even with Adblock Plus I was getting frequent popups (or actually pop-unders) from Mediafire.  Solved that by adding "Poper Blocker" (yes, with that misspelling) extension.


For the few customs that I've done, I just use Google Drive.  Not a big fan of their buddy-buddy NSA status, but the one-stop-shop for YouTube playthrough uploads, what used to be Picasa for screenshots, etc. etc. sure is easy.

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I'm also a big user of copy.com (for a lot more than just CDLC)



The convenience of Dropbox (folder on your computer that auto syncs over devices and to the net), with significantly better features. More free space for starters (15 gig) +5 gig additional per referral.


If you have a 5 gig folder shared between 5 people, it only counts as 1 gig from each of your space allocations - unlike drop box where it counts as 5 gig for each person. Is it perfect, no. But it seems to be one of the better options available today. The referral system is just a little more clunky than it needs to be for eg and the iPad app is a little frustrating.


Between the Anvil and here, I've had a bit over 2000 downloads of CDLC from copy and seen 1 complaint.


https://copy.com?r=VG44SE - referral code/link should anyone want to claim a free 20 gig (15+5 bonus) account, I'll also gain an additional 5 gig from you using it.

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