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  1. I remember using a multi-tracks website that was posted on here a long time ago, but now I can't remember the address. Guy had a few hundred songs broken down alphabetically. Website had a black background. Sound familiar to anybody? Thanks, all!
  2. I remember using a multi-tracks website that was posted on here a long time ago, but now I can't remember the address. Guy had a few hundred songs broken down alphabetically. Website had a black background. Sound familiar to anybody? Thanks, all!
  3. No one asked for your opinion. Avdocatwork's post was meant for the people who are members of this group. If you're not a member than PM him with your opinions. All you're doing is pissing people off on a site that must collect money to stay in business. In other words, unless someone sends you a PM or invites you into this group, then shut the fuck up with your opinion. Sinon, tais toi.
  4. CRC members, Are the staffers commenting in our post members of the CRC or are they listening to our conversations and then interjecting? I'm not comfortable having a casual, what I think is a semi-private conversation, being gone over by people that the message was not intended for AND THEN HAVING THEM REPLY. Plus, it takes 20 minutes and 10 refreshes just to post a message. This site has become a semi-disaster due to speed. No offense to the people who work hard, I'm sure it's not their fault. I won't be posting here anymore. If anyone wants to keep up with me, I'm Steve Krueger in Oak Lawn, IL on Facebook. Later all.
  5. Hey all, I got banned for posting my version of Free's All Right Now here. I forgot that you weren't supposed to do that, so I got sent to the pokey. I've been working on the chain gang for the last week. I can't stop yelling, "Takin' it off here, boss" and playing Plastic Jesus on my guitar. Some guy just bet me I can't eat fifty eggs. @@jbroch I really like the ESP. That body shape is awesome. Always love new gear day. This just came in the mail today to add some nasty 80's distortion. Going to hook it up now: http://imgur.com/97zyTYS.png @@avdocatwork The Cubs are gonna have a tough one tonight. I'm a White Sox fan, so it is my duty to hate the Cubs. I'm hoping for an Indians win and with Kluber on the mound, there's a good chance they will get it. Thanks for the sentiment, though.
  6. On a lighter note, I really like the updates in the Remastered version. You can permanently turn of DD. And navigating RR is much easier. And finally, you can tell if a song has bonus tracks without actually clicking on it.
  7. @@avdocatwork Best of luck. So often, a good business is ruined by the 'new guy' in charge who is going to do things differently. I've seen it happen to myself, friends, and family over and over. Gotta love the corporate mentality of never leave good enough alone.
  8. @@avdocatwork Just tried Magic Carpet Ride. Charting looks good. The chord panes can get a little jumbled, a little speed up might help that. The tone at the beginning of the lead track is very soft. Regular tone is good. Sounds great. Fun to play.
  9. @@avdocatwork Great pics! Were those scare crow grapes on the deck? I was on an old carrier on the east coast as a kid, can't remember which ship, and I remember being amazed at the sheer size of the thing. It's even more amazing when you go below deck and see this giant area where the planes get worked on. I also remember very narrow hallways. I never got to ask what you were when you were on deck. Were you a grape, a lemon, a lime?
  10. @@avdocatwork The people who complain about tone volume always think the song should sound good for them and nobody else. When I get a tone volume complaint, I like to list all the elements that go into the volume, i.e. guitar, pickups, pots, sound card, computer, cables, headphones, etc. and then ask them if I should adjust it so it sounds like shit on my set up and good on theirs. Such an easy fix to roll off the volume knob if too loud or distorted or to adjust in game. Whiners.
  11. @@fripponomic Played lead and rhythm for Time Warp. Great tone and sync. Plays very well. Tone volume a little low on my set up. @@avdocatwork Don't know if it's a problem on my end, but there's no lead path showing up for me in RS. Played rhythm. Everything looks good but chord panes toward end of song kind of get jumbled up. Speeding up a bit might help that. Great song.
  12. Hey guys, Took new Jackson in to local guitar shop to get intonation, string height, truss rod, etc. set up properly. Guy charged me $5, gave him $20. So, now I am ready to rock in key. Will test ZZ and Time Warp tonight. Working on simplified versions of Sabbath's Paranoid and War Pigs for myself, just lead and rhythm. Doing them all with the fingering Iommi uses (he loves his power chords on the E string, no matter how low on the neck). Will share with you guys when I'm done. Have a great weekend all!
  13. @@avdocatwork Will give new song a shot. My computer is dying as well. Every time I shut down Rocksmith, the computer crashes. Time for a new one.
  14. @@Aludog Going to go over the Joe Bonamassa collection and see what I can knock out. Some great videos here of Bonamassa's new album 'Live from the Greek Theater' in Los Angeles. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=joe+bonamassa+greek+theater
  15. @@Tank-OR Welcome to the muggy midwest. You now must choose if you are a Bears fan or Packers fan. (Hint: choose Packers and live without frustration) @@Aludog Great spreadsheet. I'd love to do some blues songs. I've been listening to a lot of Joe Bonamassa lately, so I'm all fired up. I'd love to knock off a bunch of the "standards" if I have the time.
  16. Amp has poor reverb so I picked up one of these. Enjoying this little guy. It used up one 9v battery in one night so I ordered a cheap brick power supply. Thing even has wi-fi. Now the wah wah sounds even more evil. http://imgur.com/xuF3JCT.png
  17. @@jbroch Curious as to how the Hofner bass was working out.
  18. Wah wah wee wah. New toy. And so small. http://imgur.com/2ECKSaz.png
  19. Hello, all, I actually won something from a Guitar Player give-away. I enter everything but never expect to win. It's a kickass echo pedal from Hall and Collins: http://www.hallandcollins.com/ And I need a delay pedal. @@avdocatwork I'll take every ship and plane picture possible. I'm not a pro-war guy, but I love military technology. Have a blast, San Diego is the best.
  20. @@avdocatwork Trying to master your version of Sabbath's Evil Woman. Been working on that solo for a couple days and keep having to un-knot my fingers. I'm hoping to make a video if I can get anywhere close to hitting that solo. Honestly, I just love playing power chords through this amp. It puts a real shit eating grin on my face. http://imgur.com/nW304yk.jpg
  21. Try D'addario NYXL's. They are smooth like butter right out of the pack. The ends are tinned (soldered) for longer wear, although I had a G string unravel anyways. And they don't need to be stretched. They're so smooth, it took me a while to get the feel of the frets under the big E string. I also use GHS Fast-Fret. It keeps the strings clean while leaving them just slightly oiled so they stay fresh and not corrode, etc.
  22. @@jbroch I had some similar issues with my new Jackson. It's my first 25.5" scale guitar after three 24.75" scale. I didn't think that 3/4" would make a difference, but I kept coming up short on slides and fret hand changes. Instead of getting frustrated playing songs, I played some of the Guitarcade games to get a feel for the fretboard. I'm still a little off, but getting more used to it. It feels less 'crowded' when playing chords, but maybe it's all in my head.
  23. Paul's a lefty. Apparently, he's naturally right-handed, but decided to try lefty when he felt he wasn't making any progress as a righty. Maybe that's what I need, or maybe I can play upside down or under water. Anything to help.
  24. Watching Germany vs. Brazil in team handball. What an awesome sport. Gehen sie Deutschland! Ooops. I think I jinxed them. Germany was up and Brazil got hot.
  25. @@jbroch Oh, man, the famous Hofner bass! Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see/hear it in action. Here's my new baby, we're going to Vegas to elope: (notice black tape on corners so I don't ding the shit out of it) http://imgur.com/qfvR8VW.png
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