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    Greece, Volos
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    Rock n' Roll, Metal, nice comedies, video games! Ya know...I'd like to do other stuff too but my city is quite inactive and doesn't really allow me to pursue creative things, but I'd love to someday move out of here and join some alt metal or rock band, when I'm actually good and not trash at guitar, but that's just a dream... which hopefully becomes a reality. :-p Check out my CDLC, I promise they aren't terrible :-))
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    Ibanez 250DX and a cheap Strat knock-off
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    No xbox
  1. Happy Birthday Nick K.!

  2. Happy Birthday Nick K.!

  3. Happy Birthday Nick K.!

  4. I don't know if it's possible, but I can give you my advice to make this a tad bit easier. Depending on how long the song is (CCR songs are usually about 3-5 minutes) it may take longer. If you're making the tab yourself, create 1 verse, 1 chorus etc, etc... Then if the song is as repetitive as you say, all you need to do is copy and paste the sections until the song is done. Can't think of a more efficient way.
  5. I do not think EOF has such an advanced copy/paste mechanic. The only copy paste you can do is by selecting all the notes you want and while they are highlighted, press CTRL + C to copy them and position the green needle where you want and then press CTRL + V to paste the notes in. Hope this helps!
  6. So, I found this CDLC that was pretty bad, so i decided to remake it. Because i didnt want to have to do all the syncing, i decided to import the xmls of the psarc file through the RSToolkit, because the previous creator had already synced it but had screwed up everything else. But whenever I import the xml (of any instrument path), it imports with many difficulty levels, which is really annoying to work with because i have to scroll through every damn difficulty level, trying to find the notes i want to correct... Is there any way to merge the 16 difficulty levels into 1 ?
  7. Happy Birthday Nick K.!

  8. Hell yes! I can finally skip tuning checks and search by typing! I personally would be fine with just these 2 things
  9. Happy Birthday ThugRaven!

  10. Where are my picks always going. I swear i leave them on the bed and 5 min later they are gone :l

  11. When do you reckon it will become available for the rest of us (even in a beta or alpha state)?
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