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  1. I'd be great if I could use that program, I could really create some official looking customs if I just got the handshapes to behave
  2. Not yet, but I will at the first opportunity. But it's like I said, none of the sections that I created for DDC, overlap the HS; everytime it does EoF gives a warning about that. As a side note I removed the beat markers (with the delete anchor command), which did indeed solve the problem I had with cutting off the sustains. However there are still several peculiarities with the HS, such as keeping the fingering for a chord even after it's ended (which I marked in the EoF chart) or ending prematurely despite being asked to end in a certain point. :huh:
  3. I've just checked the track and no, the section markers that I created don't overlap the handshapes.
  4. No, I mean beat markers, the little red arrows on top of the number that displays the BPM of that particular song. Like I've said the disappearance of a handshape seems to correspond to the presence of the beat markers.
  5. So, I seem to be having problems with handshapes. For some reason the handshapes vanish in certain points, I looked at the EoF file and it seems that at every song where there is a problem with the handshapes there is a beat marker. I've tried to toggle the beat markers be selecting them and pressing "a", however the beat markers return every time I save the game. Does anyone know of a more permanent way of getting rid of beat markers?
  6. No, it's not an open string it's open A and the 4th fret D, so you're fretting a B power chord, pulling off to an open A string with your first finger whilst keeping your third finger in place, whenever I do it the way you've shown then it displays as an open A and the note on the D string gets notated as a pull off
  7. The other main problem I've having is marking with the handshapes. This seems to do some unusual things. First is that the handshapes sometimes don't show in the game despite being marked in EoF. Another weird thing that's happened is on one occasion where I had a chord (F#min - 4th fret D, 6th fret G, 7th fret B and 5th fret e) followed by a repeating arpeggio of an F#5 power chord. However during the arpeggio of the F#5 power chord, it was displaying the fingering position for the F#min chord while ignoring the fingering of the power chord. Anyone encountered this before?
  8. So, here's something I've trying to do for a while. It's a simple pull off from a B power chord (2nd fret A string and 4th fret D string) to an open A string and 4th fret D; the song I'm creating does this twice in a row. However, no matter what I do it just doesn't register in the chart. I've tried marking both with handshapes (which causes it to ignore the open A, 4th string D double stop), I've tried using tech notes, but nothing seems to work. Suggestions?
  9. Probably a stupid question with an obvious answer, but how do you remove sections and handshapes. I'm very nearly done with my first set of songs, but in adding a handshape to polish up the CDLC it now crosses over into a different section which is causing EoF to complain. I've tried looking around for an option to remove handshapes and sections but with no luck.
  10. Thanks for your response earlier. It's really weird, I just now tried loading my computer up to try what you said, but now something different happens. First I get the standard message from windows which says do you want this program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer and when I say yes EoF opens but with the message "Could not load all images! Failed on 76" when I click the OK button it just closes the whole program :huh:
  11. I've been trying to open EoF, but it keeps saying "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item". I've installed EoF as per the instructions and I've installed the latest hotfix, but to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions?
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