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  1. So I have been working quite a bit in EoF recently and I have accidentally done something by mistake. The whole of the screen is now covered in these yellow lines. I have attached an image so you can see for yourself. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?
  2. Absolutely devastated, VH was one of the first bands I ever listened to, they were a major force in my development musically. Eddie was who made me want to play guitar in the first place :(
  3. http://www.running-wild.net/piecesofeight/runningwild.jpg http://assets.blabbermouth.net/media/runningwildbandnoisereissues2018_638.jpg Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you one of the most seriously underrated metal bands ever, period. With some of the best, most fist pumping anthematic riffs and choruses ever made, along with being seriously fun to play, more Running Wild on the CustomsForge is definitely a good thing. I decided to create a discography project to allow for better navigation around the available songs and to show which songs are coming up next. Enjoy! Ready for boarding! GATES TO PURGATORY (1984) 1. Victim of States Power (vuducult R/B/V - DD) 2. Black Demon (vuducult R/B - DD) 3. Preacher (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 4. Soldiers of Hell (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 5. Diabolic Force (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 6. Adrian S.O.S. (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 7. Genghis Khan (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 8. Prisoner of Our Time 9. Walpurgis Night (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 10. Satan (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) BRANDED AND EXILED (1985) 1. Branded and Exiled (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 2. Gods of Iron (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 3. Realm of Shades (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 4. Mordor (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 5. Fight the Oppression (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 6. Evil Spirit (HeavyMetalero90 L/R/B - NDD) 7. Marching to Die (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) 8. Chains and Leather (vuducult L/R/B/V - DD) UNDER JOLLY ROGER (1987) 1. Under Jolly Roger (smeagolheart L/R/B/V - DD) 2. War in the Gutter 3. Raw Ride 4. Beggar's Night 5. Raise Your Fist 6. Land of Ice 7. Diamonds of the Black Chest 8. Merciless Game PORT ROYAL (1988) 1. Intro/Port Royal 2. Raging Fire 3. Into the Area (albatross213 L/R/B - DD) 4. Uaschitschun In Preparation 5. Final Gates 6. Conquistadores (Yojimbo1989 L/R/B/V - DD) 7. Blown to Kingdom Come 8. Warchild 9. Mutiny 10. Calico Jack DEATH OR GLORY (1989) 1. Riding the Storm (albatross213 L/R/B/V - DD) 2. Renegade 3. Evilution 4. Running Blood In Preparation 5. Highland Glory (The Eternal Glory) 6. Marooned 7. Bad to the Bone (Yojimbo1989 L/R/B/V - DD) 8. Tortuga Bay (Syvaa L/R/B/V - DD) 9. Death or Glory 10. Battle of Waterloo (Yojimbo1989 L/R/B/V - DD) BLAZON STONE (1991) 1. Blazon Stone In Preparation 2. Lonewolf 3. Slavery 4. Fire & Ice 5. Little Big Horn (Yojimbo1989 L/R/B/V - DD) 6. White Masque 7. Rolling Wheels 8. Bloody Red Rose 9. Straight to Hell 10. Heads or Tails In Preparation PILE OF SKULLS (1992) 1. Whirlwind 2. Sinister Eyes 3. Black Wings of Death 4. Fistful of Dynamite 5. Roaring Thunder 6. Pile of Skulls 7. Lead or Gold 8. Jenning's Revenge 9. Treasure Island BLACK HAND INN (1994) 1. The Curse 2. Black Hand Inn (Yojimbo1989 L/R/B/V - DD) 3. Mr. Deadhead In Preparation 4. Soulless 5. The Privateer (Syvaa L/R/B/V - DD) 6. Fight the Fire of Hate 7. The Phantom of Black Hand Hill 8. Freewind Rider In Preparation 9. Powder & Iron (Syvaa L/R/B/V - DD) 10. Dragonmen (Syvaa L/R/B/V - DD) 11. Genesis (The Making and Fall of Man) (smeagolheart L/R/B/V - DD) MASQUERADE (1995) 1. The Contract/ The Crypts of Hades 2. Masquerade 3. Demonized 4. Black Soul 5. Lions of the Sea 6. Rebel at Heart 7. Wheel of Doom 8. Metalhead 9. Soleli Royal 10. Men in Black 11. Underworld THE RIVALRY (1998) 1. March of the Final Battle (The End of all Evil) 2. The Rivalry (solservo L/R - NDD) 3. Kiss of Death (Syvaa L/R/B/V - DD) 4. Firebreather 5. Return of the Dragon (solservo L/R/B - NDD) 6. Resurrection 7. Ballad of William Kidd (solservo L/R/B - NDD) 8. Angels of Black 9. Fire and Thunder 10. The Poison 11. Adventure Gallery 12. Man on the Moon 13. War and Peace VICTORY (2000) 1. Fall of Dorkas 2. When Time Runs Out (mercenary L/R/B - DD) 3. Timeriders 4. Into the Fire 5. Revolution 6. The Final Waltz 7. Tsar 8. The Hussar 9. The Guardian (Syvaa L/R/B/V - DD) 10. Return of the Gods 11. Silent Killer 12. Victory THE BROTHERHOOD (2002) 1. Welcome to Hell 2. Soulstrippers 3. The Brotherhood 4. Crossfire 5. Siberian Winter 6. Detonator (Syvaa L/R/B/V - DD) 7. Pirate Song 8. Unation 9. Dr. Horror 10. The Ghost ROGUES EN VOGUE (2005) 1. Draw the Line 2. Angel of Mercy 3. Skeleton Dance 4. Skull & Bones 5. Born Bad, Dying Worse 6. Black Gold 7. Soul Vampires 8. Rogues en Vogue 9. Winged & Feathered 10. Dead Man's Road 11. The War SHADOWMAKER (2012) 1. Piece of the Action 2. Riding on the Tide 3. I Am Who I Am 4. Black Shadow 5. Locomotive 6. Me & the Boys 7. Shadowmaker 8. Sailing Fire 9. Into the Black 10. Dracula RESILIENT (2013) 1. Soldiers of Fortune 2. Resilient 3. Adventure Highway 4. The Drift 5. Desert Rose 6. Fireheart 7. Run Riot 8. Down to the Wire 9. Crystal Gold 10. Bloody Island RAPID FORAY (2016) 1. Black Skies, Red Flag 2. Warmongers 3. Stick to Your Guns 4. Rapid Foray 5. By the Blood in Your Heart 6. The Depth of the Sea (Nautilus) 7. Black Bart 8. Hellectrified 9. Blood Moon Rising 10. Into the West
  4. Probably a stupid question, but I'm having trouble naming chords. Basically, I'm trying to make some root 5 power chords across three strings but I want some of them to have no names and others to have names. Everytime I try to use the chord namer and remove any text from the box it automatically names the chord. Anyone know how to fix this?
  5. I'm trying to replicate a certain handshape in order to make my next song seem more official. The handshape I want to replicate is identical to the one in the "Tornado of Souls" guitar solo (3:59 of the video below) Anyone know how to do this?
  6. Yes, I know it will be a long and painful process, but I really want this next song if mine to be on par with official DLC. Are there any good tutorials that go into depth as to how to create DD manually?
  7. I seem to have posted the same song twice on the database. Can someone tell me how to delete a post?
  8. I'd be great if I could use that program, I could really create some official looking customs if I just got the handshapes to behave
  9. Not yet, but I will at the first opportunity. But it's like I said, none of the sections that I created for DDC, overlap the HS; everytime it does EoF gives a warning about that. As a side note I removed the beat markers (with the delete anchor command), which did indeed solve the problem I had with cutting off the sustains. However there are still several peculiarities with the HS, such as keeping the fingering for a chord even after it's ended (which I marked in the EoF chart) or ending prematurely despite being asked to end in a certain point. :huh:
  10. I've just checked the track and no, the section markers that I created don't overlap the handshapes.
  11. No, I mean beat markers, the little red arrows on top of the number that displays the BPM of that particular song. Like I've said the disappearance of a handshape seems to correspond to the presence of the beat markers.
  12. So, I seem to be having problems with handshapes. For some reason the handshapes vanish in certain points, I looked at the EoF file and it seems that at every song where there is a problem with the handshapes there is a beat marker. I've tried to toggle the beat markers be selecting them and pressing "a", however the beat markers return every time I save the game. Does anyone know of a more permanent way of getting rid of beat markers?
  13. Hi all. So finally after a lot of work I've managed to finish my first custom to a level that I was happy with. I just wanted to ask; could somebody try to download it just to see if the link works? http://customsforge.com/index.php/topic/46643-lovin-yous-a-dirty-job/
  14. I'd quite like to work on some Triumph DLC, however a running theme is that quite a few of the tabs completely butcher Rik Emmett's lead parts
  15. No, it's not an open string it's open A and the 4th fret D, so you're fretting a B power chord, pulling off to an open A string with your first finger whilst keeping your third finger in place, whenever I do it the way you've shown then it displays as an open A and the note on the D string gets notated as a pull off
  16. The other main problem I've having is marking with the handshapes. This seems to do some unusual things. First is that the handshapes sometimes don't show in the game despite being marked in EoF. Another weird thing that's happened is on one occasion where I had a chord (F#min - 4th fret D, 6th fret G, 7th fret B and 5th fret e) followed by a repeating arpeggio of an F#5 power chord. However during the arpeggio of the F#5 power chord, it was displaying the fingering position for the F#min chord while ignoring the fingering of the power chord. Anyone encountered this before?
  17. So, here's something I've trying to do for a while. It's a simple pull off from a B power chord (2nd fret A string and 4th fret D string) to an open A string and 4th fret D; the song I'm creating does this twice in a row. However, no matter what I do it just doesn't register in the chart. I've tried marking both with handshapes (which causes it to ignore the open A, 4th string D double stop), I've tried using tech notes, but nothing seems to work. Suggestions?
  18. The good news is that my first batch of songs is very nearly done, there are only three things that need to be done. The other two I'll post in the EoF section, since they're more related to things that need to be done in EoF. The third is about tones: even though I think the tones are accurate enough, I can't seem to get them to be loud enough. I tried playing with the volume settings in RST and for some reason that made the lead tone loud, but not the distortion. Any ideas?
  19. So, currently I've got a whole library of partially complete songs, one of them is "Break Free" by "Satan". In the tab there's a bit in the solo which sounds like tapping, however, inspection of some live footage shows that it isn't strictly speaking tapping. What he's actually doing is reaching over and fretting the guitar with his picking hand and then reaching under and performing some pull offs with his fretting hand (3:06) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON498dgP0c8 Anyone have an idea as to how I should notate this in the game? Do I mark it as tapping or as legato? I'm just concerned that if people play it they're going to be a bit stumped by how to play it
  20. Jag Panzer is another one you should add
  21. Probably a stupid question with an obvious answer, but how do you remove sections and handshapes. I'm very nearly done with my first set of songs, but in adding a handshape to polish up the CDLC it now crosses over into a different section which is causing EoF to complain. I've tried looking around for an option to remove handshapes and sections but with no luck.
  22. Thanks for that, could I also use tech notes to notate pull offs within chords? There's a song I'm doing which has a B power chord on the second fret of the A string, which pulls off to an open A. Also what about slides without a proper end position? There's quite a few songs I know where there is a slide that doesn't really end on a specific note, it's just there as a sound effect, could I use tech notes there?
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