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  1. Sounds like a scam to be honest. It tries to instill a sense of urgency (Please, don't wait to respond, every minute is important! There is possibility that virus already hurt your disks or destroyed and stole its data.) which is a very common tactic among these scammer assholes. Trust me, you'd never get a multi-billion corporation that gives that much of a shit about their customer, haha
  2. I've encountered it before too, it's kinda random. What you should do is keep the lead and distortion tones' volumes separate. If for example Lead is -29dB, you dont have to have the Distortion at -29dB too. Experiment a bit, it's kind of a hit-or-miss deal, I can never get it right the first time. If your Lead is too loud, lower it by about 2db or something similar and raise the Distortion one by about 2db as well. Another thing to keep in mind is your song file's has it's own volume too in the RST, maybe your tones have the right volume but the .ogg is too loud, mess around with that too! Hope this helps!
  3. I don't know if it's possible, but I can give you my advice to make this a tad bit easier. Depending on how long the song is (CCR songs are usually about 3-5 minutes) it may take longer. If you're making the tab yourself, create 1 verse, 1 chorus etc, etc... Then if the song is as repetitive as you say, all you need to do is copy and paste the sections until the song is done. Can't think of a more efficient way.
  4. I do not think EOF has such an advanced copy/paste mechanic. The only copy paste you can do is by selecting all the notes you want and while they are highlighted, press CTRL + C to copy them and position the green needle where you want and then press CTRL + V to paste the notes in. Hope this helps!
  5. Looks great! Too risky for my tastes though, rather not fuck around with DIY painting, too nervous haha :D
  6. Charting for Rocksmith is quite different than charting for Guitar Hero styled games, since for rocksmith we work with the actual instrument arrangements and tabs which you then play with a real guitar/bass, not to mention tones, adding techniques and all that more advanced stuff. If indeed your new game is like Guitar Hero, I believe youll have more luck over at the Guitar Hero custom charters forums :)
  7. First try since half a year ago when I played that song again
  8. Very fun to play but the acoustic part took me by surprise and kicked my ass :p
  9. Hey everyone, I'm back! Missed a few weeks, but I'm coming back full-force (hopefully, haha) One of my favourite JP songs, great chart too!
  10. @@MaZtoR It's supposed to show the first bend and then the rest are supposed to be prebends that stay in place while you strum it, but the charter couldn't be bothered to change it so it becomes accurate...... :\
  11. @ Ahh, I get it now. You are right :P Actually what happened was, I noticed a difference in sound but since they were the technically the right notes, I didn't bother and didnt know how to transpose them from the D string (which is wound) 5 frets lower to the G (unwound) because of inexperience with the CDLC making software. I shouldnt have recommended this for the CS since this was my first release, so It's very rough on the edges. :P I can definately issue an update If you'd like, but I was thinking that if I'm going to work on this again I'd better remake the whole damn thing from the start, lol
  12. @ Hmmm... I don't remember exactly what the 11th section has, though I think it's the main solo or the outro licks, but I'll check it out just to be sure, thanks!
  13. I've never heard that happen to anyone. Very weird issue. I'll throw my two cents in anyway... have you checked if for some reason the validation emails get automatically deleted from the spam or normal email folders?? Maybe theres something in your email settings forbidding the email from being accessed/seen? Also, this might be very unlikely, but I've heard of people being able to blacklist emails from certain sources. If your email service has any way to blacklist inbound emails, check the blacklist list. Sorry for not having a sure solution, as Ive never seen this issue before, these are just a couple theories that might help you out a bit! :) PS: I've got to edit this in. Maybe the servers are just acting weird or are under maintanance, I'm not one of the staff here so I can't be sure of that, just lettin' you know. You could check back in a few days and create a new account, see what happens.
  14. @@Stark_Knight Heres what I think you were asking for. Just find empty spaces on the spreadsheet and fill out song name, artist, your username, difficulty, etc. Songs get picked up with an RNG system each saturday for each difficulty category. :) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HzgY90kLwyGqzJ-R64v8lmpeQMMhhxwGwUlenepIgms/edit#gid=6
  15. For a shiny moment I had reclaimed the lead in the MC leaderboards! I'll get you next time, Rocksmith Championship! (Read that in a lovely Skeletor voice ;))
  16. @@Stark_Knight I've had it in my mind for quite a while now, but budget is a bit tight right now as I had to upgrade to a better PC as my old one couldn't take it anymore, haha ^_^
  17. First try of the week! I can't stand Axl Rose's voice for more than 5 minutes, so I didnt bother retuning to Eb and wasting my strings' life. I just mentally transposed everything to E standard in my head, ironically putting more effort in the song than just retuning :mellow: Will try alot harder tommorow, I can definately reach the 98% region this time
  18. @ Well, I can sightread just about any song, but that doesnt mean I can play it, most of that solo was very sloppy on my part, haha :) The solo is responsible for almost all my misses if I remember correctly even though I knew what I had to do from the first try. Im not neeeearly good enough to properly play that solo yet. :lol: The rest of the song is rather simple power metal riffs which is the majority of the song
  19. 1st try of the MC song, its very fun to play but very hard at the same time
  20. How the hell did you get rocksmith to recognize 100% of the notes, nice job man :lol: Did you have any detection issues with this custom?? I barely got through with only one miss (which was BS on rocksmith's part btw :angry: ). Every time a note was late to register, my heart skipped a beat. @@Kosa
  21. Daaaaamn :P Masterclass is starting to get serious again :ph34r: ALMOST FC'ed this one... one damn note... My guitar is a piece of crap and note detection is steadily getting worse these past 2 months...
  22. @@lduperval Usually, around an hour or two from now. Unless theres some kind of delay in which case it starts even later :)
  23. Phew, barely broke 99%, just in time. If it had a bit faster Scroll speed the solo would be more readable, i do get a few missed notes in the solo, in that part near the end where the position shifts from around the 15th fret to the 5th fret and i cant it to register no matter how well i play it :\
  24. A-mazing! This is the solution, thanks! I tried everything, when in reality it was just 2 clicks to fix... I marked it as best solution, lets hope more people see this thread! @@Toddo
  25. After avoiding this stupid Windows 10 update (which btw completely changed my windows settings etc) for I dont even know how long, I was forced to install it. Now whenever I alt tab out of rocksmith and alt tab back in, it lowers the resolution a bit, which results to blurry visuals (not as blurry as to be unplayable, but enough for it to be jarring to the eye) and also adds this tiny white line that surrounds the game on all screen sides and edges which i dont know what it is. Anyone encountered this before ?? First time it happens to me in 2 and almost a half years of rocksmith players... Any tips or fixes will be greatly appreciated...
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