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  1. Happy Birthday The Troglodyte!

  2. Happy Birthday The Troglodyte!

  3. Happy Birthday The Troglodyte!

  4. Happy Birthday The Troglodyte!

  5. Just tried one now. Clicked on the download link, it redirected me to a "java" page that started to download a virus.
  6. Still waiting for the paycheck! http://i.imgur.com/16fk5WQ.png?1
  7. We were just having a quick laugh since it was the first time, come in again mate.
  8. Working fine now! Even if all the cool kids are in the admin office ;)
  9. Still down for me and some others in chat, Are you in it?
  10. http://0xfe.org/?q=mumbletutorial That's a quick one. Anyone else getting timeout messages?
  11. So I can use a paid for sendspace account? Don't use sendspace, it's in the rules.
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