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  1. I suppose it is partly, but isn't it mostly based on sheet music? The higher notes are higher up the notation.
  2. Cheers man. Always seen you around and that but never even thought to join in. Oh man two years of this stuff.
  3. @@NoonyDeloony, That's where having big hands helps. Also just keeping your fingers in the positions preemptively
  4. First time competitor! God knows why I haven't done this sooner, great fun and I've been looking for more challenging stuff to play. Never really heard this sort of music before so that was also fun. Bass path: Masterclass: Streetlight Manifesto - We Will Fall Together
  5. If you want something to learn outside of rocksmith and eager for a challenge, Stairway To Heaven is thought of as a pretty standard thing to try and learn.
  6. Got 100% on Primus' south park theme. That makes me as good as Les Claypool right?
  7. Midnight release in the UK :D . Might be cos R* North is Scottish (I think?).
  8. Great thing about drums is you can pretty much mess around with a song as much as you like as long as you keep a steady beat. Try learning scales, and a bit of ear training so you can identify the notes that are being used.
  9. Hmmm, fine for me. Cheers for being vigilant mate, you may want to clean your PC.
  10. Click the "Follow" button in the upper right corner
  11. Do you think you could get a recording of the sound?
  12. I met this guy who made these guitars that folded, basses too. Really fun to play and they stay in tune! http://www.snap-dragon-guitars.co.uk/
  13. Yep, you're right. You can find it in the How To Use CDLC topic in the tutorials section, or the FAQ, which is under HELP :)
  14. Didn't that cause quite a bit of controversy with the other ex pantera members?
  15. Also definitely make sure your guitar volume is a lot higher than the music volume in the mixer, otherwise the game disguises your mistakes.
  16. Changing my previous point a bit, maybe just fade the female singer out a bit, so you can just slightly hear her, but the main focus on the male vocals. But it is really great, solid drums, groovy lead and a catchy solo.
  17. Make sure you have the dll file from the CDLC tutorial.
  18. I would not have the female singer, the male singer seems a lot more suited to this sort of music. Very fitting solo though, may go on for a tiny bit too long.
  19. You need to crack your XBOX to install CDLC, we do not provide tutorials on how to do that here. Read the FAQ to find a guide on how to use CDLC.
  20. Rondo alla Turca is in a gypsy jazz style! It's even better! :D
  21. Dammit, I left chat to go to London. Never again.
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