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  1. Happy Birthday ricka47!

  2. Happy Birthday ricka47!

  3. Happy Birthday ricka47!

  4. Happy Birthday ricka47!

  5. Happy Birthday ricka47!

  6. Happy Birthday ricka47!

  7. I played guitar in my teens and early twenties and then took 40 years off. I'm 64 now and have been playing drums for about four years and am the drummer at church. On drums, I can listen to most any song and play along. But, I am not able to do that with guitar. (I'm just starting to play bass - so the jury is still out there.) A little over a year ago, I got back into guitar and found that I can still play a bunch of chords and can read most simple music to play a song. But, what I can't do now (and couldn't do 40 years ago) is play along with a song. Without music, I don't know what to pl
  8. I'm new to bass as well and checked out Scott's site. JamPlay for bass seems pretty good as well.
  9. Having Cherub Rock should make the difference then. How about the D3DX9_42.dll file?
  10. This is a great idea and something that I would love to see. But, and maybe I missed something here, how could this be applied to CDLC that we already have? Would it be necessary to edit each file one by one?
  11. I can't seem to get it to work with the Rocksmith cable. How did you do it? Thanks!
  12. Yeah, I try to "sneak" most new things in to preserve domestic tranquility. But, she doesn't do that with clothes, purses or shoes!
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