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  1. Heh, it's a combination of the deep folder you've got it in AND the filename. I'm running mine in c:\dev\dlcrenamer\, which is pretty short. Yours is bumping it over 255 characters and it's not liking that. That does present an interesting dilemma, as the Rocksmith folder does tend to be buried in several folders under Steam normally. I changed the working folder to c:\temp so it will unpack songs there. Hopefully that won't run into any permission issues on anyone's machine. That should help mitigate long path/filename combos. Updated the zip too in the original post link.
  2. Very odd, I can't reproduce it even with that song. I just downloaded it from here and that song had the name shortened at "ain't", but I edited it and made it even longer just to test (Underoath_I've-got-10-friends-and-a-crowbar-that-says-you-ain't-gonna-do-jack-about-it_v1_DD_p), and the renamer handled it without any problem. My newer version logs error info in the log file, so if you run into that again, paste the error you get and that might help me figure it out. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the heads up, Joey. I'll have to put a length check on the filename and truncate the song name if it's over x # of characters (guess I'll need to figure out what that is). In other news, I added two new options today: * Override-Clean-Name - lets you override the heavy-handed stripping of all special characters with a much more forgiving method (only \/:*?"<>&| will be removed) * Include-Subfolders
  4. Ugh. Fixed. I never noticed this because I moved all the mac files out of my DLC folder a long time ago to clean it up.
  5. Updated with more detailed logging and fixed case-sensitive check of options file. Will add support for subdirectories next update.
  6. Yeah, it shouldn't be too much work to make the program work with subdirectories. I'll see what I can do. I think some of the crashes may be due to "locked" files when I try to delete the temp folder the psarc is extracted to. This happens when Windows Explorer, or an antivirus scanner, or any other number of processes is "looking" at the files and the DeleteDirectory call is then unable to clean it up. I've tried 3 different algorithms to handle this, and I haven't seen it crash since my latest. I'll keep an eye on that though. I'll be improving the logging to incorporate some of Azrael's feedback, and I'll also make it log the song before any file functions so you can see what song it crashes on, if that happens. Thanks!
  7. I'm betting that your songs didn't get renamed using the metadata because you used "True" instead of "true", which I didn't think to check the case on. Shame on me. :) I'll fix that so it doesn't care about case in the options file. Change that to "true" for now and I bet that fixes most of those cases. I'm trying to decide what to do with characters outside A-Z, because I'm not sure which ones will cause Rocksmith to ignore the song. Right now I'm using the same rules the Song Creator is using to clean the filenames, but I suppose it would be easy enough to add another option that keeps all characters. I could play around with moving/removing "The" from the start of artist/song names, but I prefer to fix those by editing the song itself in the toolkit so they also show up properly in the game. That's partly why I originally wrote it; so I could identify songs that had errant metadata and fix them so they sort and display consistently in the game. I don't want my renamer to get into editing actual metadata because that opens up a whole new can of worms. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. I checked and it is indeed the Song Creator "GetValidName" function removing the umlauts (among other characters like the ampersand). If you open that song in the Song Creator and save, it removes it there too, though it keeps it in the metadata. I noticed on other platforms he'd left that character out of the filenames, probably because they are not as forgiving as the PC version. I've done some experimenting with special characters in filenames and Rocksmith won't even recognize the song with certain characters present (like the ampersand). Not all, of course, but enough to make me prefer to err on the side of caution and leave them out. Maybe I could create a mapping for common characters and replace them, like "and" for &, and A for Ä. I imagine that could potentially get pretty large depending on how ambitious I want to be. :)
  9. Ok, I've got that version issue fixed (hopefully for reals this time). Not sure what to do about other characters, as I'm using the Custom Song Creator functions to "clean" the artist and song name, and it seems to be removing those. Do you have an example of a song that uses one in the name I can grab and play with?
  10. Hmm, I'm starting to wonder if I should just drop the filename parsing and strictly use the metadata. A lot of versions would turn into "v1" because so many DLC authors don't update their versions in the song creator, but parsing is so error-prone! I'll look into those issues. Once again, thank you Azrael for your time and effort helping me improve this thing.
  11. Well crap. It's fixed now. :ph34r:
  12. Good catch, Azrael. Those issues should be fixed now. :) I'll add an additional option to allow for the v1_0 format when I get some time later.
  13. Thanks for your input, guys! I've updated the program with an options file you can edit to further customize your results. I also now exclude the rs1compatibility files. I suggest copying a bunch of files to a temp folder for testing first, to make sure it works to your liking before running against your full DLC folder!
  14. That's a good idea. I'll mess around with it and see if I can make it an easy option.
  15. Hey guys, I wasn't sure if this was the best place to post this, but it seemed like a decent fit. I've really been enjoying all the amazing work everyone has put into creating custom DLC for Rocksmith 2014, and I decided to give back in my own little way. It's kind of OCD, but some of you might find it helpful. I wrote a little program that will go through your DLC folder and rename all the PC DLC songs to match the embedded metadata, so it's easier to see what songs you actually have by keeping them consistently named. I also use it just to help identify songs that have incorrect metadata so I can manually fix them using the Custom Song Creator Toolkit. Here's my github page: https://github.com/Darrken/RockSmithDLCRenamer Make sure you read the ReadMe on that page! The source code is all there, and the program itself is in the "exe" folder for those that don't want to compile it on your own. :) I'm actually using methods from the Custom Song Creator Toolkit to get the metadata, so you developers will see some familiar DLLs in the Bin folder. I hope some of you find this useful. Update: Dropbox link to compiled program
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