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  1. Hello ! same probs here tried 3cdls nohting was working .... fucking ubi..
  2. I forgot the .dll Problem resolved !
  3. Hey dear community ! I just re-installed RS14, downloads CDLC, i used Rocksmith Toolkit to convert songs like usual but after the tunning ( before playing the song ) the song dont start and i have to AltF4 ... Any ideas ? thx Have a good day Sry for my english ^^
  4. I gived him this file ( was mine ) its a copy. So he needs to Buy Cherub Rock ?
  5. Hello friends ! first of all, sorry for my english ( im french ). This is the problem : A friend, bought Rocksmith 2k14 and i gived him my dlc folder with all my CDLC (1,6GO) i gived him my D3x.... file and used the Rocksmith toolkit to convert songs. Problem all DLC's are invisible.... i dont understand why it doesn't work... he hasn't Rocksmith ( first edition ) he needs to buy the " import " DLC at 10€ on steam ? Thx for your help :) Have a nice day ! Max
  6. hello community ! I have a little problem... i have my CDLC on R14 but after choosing song and tunning the song does not start.. i can see the background of the game but neither the song nor the partition start... Thx for help And sorry for my English
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