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  1. Picked this one up today! Washburn AB-40 acoustic bass, not bad at all for a find at a pawn shop :) http://i.imgur.com/OUDWwyl.jpg
  2. I've received over a dozen copyright removal notices and have always replied: "for educational purposes only, original performance protected under fair use." I have not lost a dispute or not had a video reinstated yet. My videos are not monetized. I think putting footage of yourself playing via webcam helps your case as it does then qualify as your own performance, just a noteway with the mp3 would definitely be a grey area as far as infringement I would think. Just a sidenote: the whole infringement/copyright strike thing is ridiculous, you can find ripped MP3 audio tracks with millions of hits all over Youtube that don't get touched... yet Rocksmith educational videos that have hits in the hundreds seem to get targeted.
  3. Busy w/ gigs for a week or two, then moar customs! :D

  4. I remember seeing Rocksmith 2014 TV ad's at least a dozen times during every NHL / NFL game I watched before last Christmas. Usually I would be playing it on my second screen during games when they would pop up almost every commercial break.
  5. - Updated with 9 newest DLC's I don't mind taking requests, will look into that one :)
  6. all the guitar and vocal work on the track are done by the same person (Logan), the facebook link above is to his project page. we will be working together as a 3 piece this summer, I'll be taking up bass while another good friend is on drum duties. Fingers crossed for some show dates soon. :)
  7. So as I haven't had time to post many customs lately, I have been working with a good friend and great guitar player on a new original project, Nubs! The first single from the EP our guitarist/vocalist is currently working on is just being wrapped up. Bass and drum parts are still being laid out, but here is a teaser of whats to come. A big thank you to anyone who takes the time to check it out. :) Nubs - Ghost - Bandcamp Nubs - Facebook
  8. Back to making customs when I have free time, more updates soon :)
  9. -Updated with newest DLC's and updated WIP's
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