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  1. Happy Birthday michael_41!

  2. Happy Birthday michael_41!

  3. Thank you LaceyB for the feedback. And a big THANK YOU for tagging your uploads. I appreciate the list of XMAS songs you knew of as well.
  4. Here we are again! A year later, and quite a few more Xmas songs... so, good job everyone !!! LaceyB just dumped an entire GP6 Xmas song pack for us to download!!! Thank you LaceyB for that, you rock! Have we got a way yet to just isolate all holiday/xmas songs yet?
  5. You are all making my XMAS this year!!! So many new CDLCs to play. Merry Christmas to all!!! Thanks to all the contributors out there for making this web sight FANTASTIC.
  6. If you are a "Magna Charter" (everyone can become one, once you publish your first custom), you can in fact share old CLDCs from SA. From the "Rules": "As of July we have a Adoption System for Magna Charters. The rules for the Adoption System are listed here When converting RS 1 customs to RS2014 please give credit to the original author. It is not allowed for a normal member to upload a custom he did not create." The Adoption System Rules state that you have to make sure the custom works and that you take responsibility to fix errors. You also have to put a special message in the release notes, stating that the custom is adopted, naming the original author (if possible) and promising that you take responsibility for the CDLC. Thanks for the follow-up Azrael. That is good information to have. I would have hoped that there would be a way to recover older songs, such as from RS1 or the defunct smithyanvil
  7. Thanks so much... its like getting a Christmas present! Its members like you that make this CustomsForge community one of my favorites!
  8. there was a song available a couple of years ago on smithyanvil called A Mad Russian's Christmas from Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the PC. It didn't seem to come over to CustomsForge. If someone has a PC copy from smithyanvil could you please upload to CustomsForge so we can all enjoy again? Or, if that is a problem, message me privately and I will send you an email address to send the .psarc file to.
  9. Exactly what I have been doing... just find it a bit tedious and hard to reconcile at times when multiple items exist for same title, and I have already weeded out "my personal' good from the bad!!! but thanks, i appreciate the feedback! Am getting close to 386 CDLCs and grows more everyday.
  10. Aw, thanks Unforgiven... but I wanted to send EACH of you a personal thank you for participating! that way LOTS of following emails were sent!
  11. Wow, JazzD, that one would be a trip to play! Bring it!
  12. Oh man! Can't wait! Thanks Aludog!
  13. I just got it. Can't wait to play it! Thanks so much for all you do to provide tracking on songs!!!
  14. sounds good... hope you get around to letting us share!
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