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  1. My money's on Brittney (?) from Alabama Shakes, too. But if not, (or even if it is,) it should be Joanna Connor instead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSwoM7WIy5M Edit: Paddler knows what's up.
  2. Harmonica, aka blues harp, aka delta saxophone, some pennywhistle, and my arse. (usually not all at once)
  3. I'm guessing we'll have to wait for version 2 before rocking out with our buddies in Alpha Centauri then? :P
  4. 1.Thrill is Gone 2.Comfortably Numb 3.The first 10 seconds from "Whipping Boy - Ben Harper" was the first time I absolutely NEEDED to know the 'Guitar's' specifications.
  5. You can always go all Nickelback, and just play the same song with different lyrics thirty times. :D
  6. We've still got Chris Thomas... but he's got huge shoes to fill :( I got to see Riley B. live three times. He was an absolute gentleman, even when he blew out one of his amps and it took ten minutes to get him a new one. Thrill is Gone is the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place. Today sucks.
  7. Yep, It's another SUATMM!* pack. Mainly to encourage Ubi to put out mo' betta' blues. And Lacey, you must've bought the Hendrix pack. (or was that in December?) I figure Jimi's got the nearest clothing sense to the Artist currently known as the Purple One than anybody. *Shaddupandtakemymoney!
  8. I'd see if Nacho charted his stuff using a humbucked guitar. I'm guessing you've got single coils in the Mexi-Strat. I've charted some stuff that had bad tones if I took the settings too extreme, then switched from my LP to my Strat. (or the other way around.) ((also, all the stuff others have mentioned already :))
  9. User definable chord progressions in session mode. ie DIY Jam tracks in your choice of key. A "Section Accelerator mode*" (*TM by moi*) in riff repeater, where you play through at your best speed the first time, then next time individual sections are played slightly faster than you can handle. ie: in a song with a dozen sections, it might go something like: 25% speed for the first 15s, 90% for the next 30s, 33% for the solo, 100% for the next part... If the game "remembers" you could even tell it to skip the parts you have greater than 95% (or 65% or some other user defined %) mastered, and just mash together the sections you aren't good enough at. Having "bullet time" or a decelerator that could detect when you've gone off the rails, and slows the song until you recover might be useful too. Specific to the Scale Racing Game, I'd like to see a car able to take "progressive damage" ie: a 3 lives, you're out setup instead of insta-death.
  10. Really nice, guys and gals. $0.02: For the terminally lazy among us, and not that I'd ever think of downloading a song without giving thanks to the charter, :o but, an ability to "Click thanks" the charter right in the search database would be an excellent way to give them the credit they deserve. Point 2, and I'm sure it's very likely user error on my end, but is there a way for me to globally set things so I get 'one' digest type email from CF a day, and not every single time somebody makes a post to any thread I'm following?
  11. A flowchart for the whole creation process would be awesome. I Know everybody has their own order to do things, but I'd love a succinct list (maybe based on http://rocksmithcustoms.wikispaces.com, or something, but able to sum things up at a glance) I'd just like a doc/pdf I could have open on screen as a reminder of what not to miss. ie: 1. rip .mp3 2. find matching guitarpro file 3. find cover art ... 10. open eof -> import audio -> import guitarpro file -> add leading silence -> sync beats, -> snap grid... (or, add silence, import guitarpro, snap grid, then sync, etc) 11. ... My example in point "10" is just that if steps that must occur in a certain sequence could be highlighted, it would cut down on frustration and excess reworking of projects. For me at least. Also, having optional steps defined as optional would help. I'd be willing to collaborate on something like this if there's any takers.
  12. Hi Chilpouni, can you elaborate on the difference of grid-snap choices? (the 1/16, 1/32, 1/64) is one more "granular", or are there different circumstances when you'd use one or another? Thank you.
  13. Not guitar, but if you use violin strings made of catgut (sheep intestine, really) you should be okay.
  14. I managed to get the page closed after seeing the "artist" name but before the video loaded. :p But now, tangentially, you've got me wondering if a certain Mr. Astley is in the database...
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