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  1. Amazing... Maybe in future I'll be able see some Jelonek's CDLCs... Not only for guitar :D
  2. Was thinking a bit... And a small add-on which will scrobble tracks we 've played could be usefull... Did anyone heard about sth like this, for RS?
  3. So busy... For so long won't be able to make any CDLCs :/

  4. @2up: or guitar pro files instead of pdf tabs ;)
  5. Nope - it's normal... First try to practice a bit playing and whistling/humming (?) along... Later try to sing... Practice, practice, practice... BTW If ya read some interviews - many musicians tell, that it's hard. So they when they write songs... They write 'em, be be as easy as possible to sing and play at the same time ;) That english :)
  6. Always ya can e-mail and ask the artist ;)
  7. Try to find some nongp tabs, even ASCII it's always a lot easier to gptab song with that ;)
  8. I think that dev crew should say sth about it - but it's planned for fututre... Now they're improving search engine. /Correct me if I'm wrong/
  9. Nope - read how pickup works... Anyway you need to use metal strings... Otherwise you should use micro or piezoelectric sensor (hope that's correct english name of it ;) )
  10. KABANOS ftw! There's no band with more unique style than Kabanos... Just find some translations (if ya ofc want to understand lyrics) ;) \m/
  11. Powerwolf and Xandria (since "Neverworld's End) would be nice... But I think that now there aren't any Xandria's CDLCs - it's rly hard to get even any tab from last 2 albums...
  12. You won't it's just a regular mod to game ;) Ya add CDLCs the same way as mod almost all games which aren't supported by Steam Workshop.
  13. BeZi


    Line 6 Spider III / Crate FW 15 R + KORG AX5G or just korg + headphones.....
  14. Hi! I was searching through the web - but couldn't find anything, that'd help me. I'm currently working on cover of Avantasia's "Carry me over". And here's the problem: I'm looking for good presets for my KORG AX5G to this song. I've created nice distortion set-up on my own, but can't find/create set-up for verse (that "Ice"-like clean tone)... I know guitarpatches, but this site is almost dead... So I think, that maybe somebody here uses similiar multieffect, or has got any ideas how to get that tone.
  15. Guitar: Team Fortress 2 Main Theme -> 100% Sabaton - Ghost Division -> ~98,5% Judas Priest - Breaking the Law -> ~98,5%
  16. Tei, when should we expect CSForge version of that banner? ^_^
  17. How about converting gpx to gp5 in tuxguitar? Ya should find somewhere around the web plugin to open gpx in tuxguitar. It has no problems with converting from gpx to gp5 (or any other gp_)
  18. I won't be able to make CDLCs from this CD (and any other too), but I've seen that many people are interested in songs from this album. /But maybe I'll find some time to make 1 or 2 songs in August.../ So I've decided to make this topic, maybe some magna charters would help with it... List of songs: „End of the Beginning” - by bokkiej„God Is Dead?” - by DreddFoxx, adopted by BeZi„Loner” „Zeitgeist” „Age of Reason” - by bokkiej„Live Forever” „Damaged Soul” „Dear Father”GPTab of whole album (many usefull info is hidden in notes [F5]): http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/70356488/file.html
  19. Unpack cdlc - try to get from it sng files then convert 'em into xml. Also unpack audio file. In EoF load xml / make new project and swap xml files. Then add more sections, save and pack dlc. Sounds weird - but it's possible ;)
  20. Same as @up... IMO it's useless. Wanna learn song? Then learn it - not a 25% of it, not a 50% - whole song, all notes. It's too hrad? Slow down - first try to play with 50% tempo, then increase it slowly.
  21. Had this tab... :/ It's bad - so there aren't any good gptabs for Save me around the web...
  22. Have you got a good tab for Edguy's "Save Me"? I've got few, but all are crappy :/
  23. BeZi

    BeZi's Workshop

    Hidden some songs in spoilers - I won't make 'em in a close future. Gonna ASAP finish "The Headless Game". Now I'm goin' to make few Hermetic Evolution's CDLCs, maybe some CDLCs from "13" album, few Hunter's songs.
  24. BeZi

    BeZi's Workshop

    Adopted Black Sabbath - "God is dead?". Still hadn't got time to finish "The headless game"
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