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  1. Hi there, does anyone has some suggestions for a good magazine i could subscribe to ( free or payed for ) regarding guitar playing ofc :) something interesting to read with some songs/gear/theoretical information ect ect .. I'm curious what you guys/girls read! Please let me know :)
  2. And i don't think there is something as a terrible voice! i recon singing is kinda like hitting the note correctly on the guitar apply the right amount of pressure on the string in the right place on the fret-board.... it needs a lot of practice as well. Record yourself the first time you attempt to sing a song, but don't listen to it yet, over the days you practice that same song and after 5 days or so you record yourself again and listen to the 2 recordings. I think you'll find it impressive! ;) I'd say if you like to sing don't be afraid to do it ;)
  3. Thx for all the replies! I'll remember that it is REALLY hard :) after only playing a year i'm not able to play that fluently that i don't have to think about it, it works ok for the first few bars but a complete song and the transition between different parts isn't good enough yet even when i'm looking and my brain is working at full speed i tend to miss chord/rhythm sometimes so yeah. I know what to do! Practice more and harder on certain easy songs, when i can play them in zombie mode i'll try and start singing:D
  4. ok that's good to hear, i really love to sing so it would of been a bummer if it was just me ;) thanks for the heads up, Then i guess it needs more time and i'm only playing for a year so i need to get better with the guitar first. And i guess the professional musicians have a lot more time to practice as well as it is there job. When i look at my teacher, it's fun to see him play every song and sing along without the need of practice. but then he also has been playing for over 40 years so yeah.... i get the picture!
  5. Hi, I'm 23 years old, i have been playing quite excessively guitar for 1 year now, i'm taking lessons from a private teacher ( very good teacher IMO ) 1 hour /week, i play some rocksmith when i have the time and i'm trying to get some songs down on my own. I can see, feel and hear i'm improving alot every day. When i go to concerts small or big doesn't matter, it seems so natural for the lead singer to play and sing at the same time and even most of the other guitarist also do some backing vocals or sing along. And this seems not to affect their playing skills. So i'm kinda worried there is something wrong with my brain, it feels like it can not handle the 2 things at the same time, for example Do I Wanna Know from the AM which is an easy song to play, i know the rhythm, lyrics, and can play it without looking at my guitar. But when i try to sing and play along with it i goes sooooooooooo wrong after 3 notes.... So i was wondering.... any suggestion is welcome :)
  6. you my friend, you are THE man! Just did a convert of my complete rocksmith folder and it worked great! All the songs in the game got converted verry fast and quite accurate aswell. I only use TuxGuitar and the ones i opened for a test all worked! I really want to thank you fort doing this great effort! I'm going on holiday from tommorow so i can print out the tabs now and i can continue to play the giutar while sitting at the pool. ^_^ And thats all thanks to you!
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