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  1. I'm planning to throw some proper pick ups on a Tele with basswood body and string through body. Maybe Seymour Duncan or Di Marzios, I want a Tele sound, really good for cleans, I already got 2 electrics with humbuckers so I'm looking for pure sound, maybe push pull ready. It seems that Quarter Pounds are to hot, looking for vintage twang tone :)
  2. http://i58.tinypic.com/2r45pq1.jpg Really nice guitars over here!! This is a new addition I got a couple of moths ago.
  3. I had the same issue. I unchecked everything except backsmith (wich was as not installed), I ran RS without every dlc, I kinda freak because as I didnt have cherub rock there was complete absence of customs lol Then I checked everything at dlc and it did re download every offcial dlc I had including the RS1 import.
  4. Bachsmith is awesome, quite a challenge, also for 5 bucks its money well spent. I hope they release a Bachsmith 2. I had issues installig this dlc, somehow it didnt download it after purchase, I had to manually get it installed going to the dlc tab on steam.
  5. Real tone cable just arrived :) I think this thing is pretty bad quality, maybe I can fix the broken one so I have a spare. The mod seems interesting to.
  6. Yeah I know it sucks and its pathetic Freaking rockskmith cable died on me :( just for nothing, no bad usage, around 600hs + of play. Now waiting for a feels forever ebay purchase to arrive, no rs cable over here.. Anyone else had issues with the cable? Its been a long time since I used CF forum, good to be back Cheers
  7. I think korean samicks should be much better than a chinese made new Squires, also that model cost more than 500 usd over here wich is insane for a squire.
  8. I tried it today and didn't like it much, also it was tuned and setup to C sharp with 12 gauge strings, not a clever move to sell a used guitar
  9. Anyone had a chance to play or own one of this 90s korean made guitars? I always wanted a maple fingerboard guitar and there's a nice Telecaster sell on the local auction pages, hes asking 320 dollars for her, I know it might seem really expensive for you guys but where I live everything is more expensive. I know its not a heavy metal kind of guitar but I wanted something with a different flavor and it also has a Seymour Duncan Hot rails on the bridge so it might get heavy with that pick up.
  10. He has issues. I think he needs professional help. I don't agree that he should be banned for life, he is one of the best of the world football "attackers" :P
  11. He'll end up ruining the World Cup for Uruguay... What an idiot. So he did..
  12. Que haces Nacho? tanto tiempo, no tengo ese gp che. Abrazo
  13. Yes, I have a bunch of never played customs on my dlc folder.
  14. Thx for report, first test did cause save file corrupt. Played 5 songs pack, so have to test one more time it alone, then confirmed. Testing more Tomorrow... Hi lahelio, did you had a chance to test that custom alone? Its the only custom I added when save file broke. I think that a custom alone does not corrupt save profiles, I think its when there are other customs, the guy who did this custom said it works fine for him and hes friends, so he and hes friends don't have the same customs as I do. Maybe this is not an isolated issue with a specific custom but when this customs has other x custom on the dlc folder.
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