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  1. Hi all, sorry if this is posted int he wrong forum! I'm trying to make my first CDLC, and have chosen this tab.... http://www.911tabs.com/tabs/e/electric_light_orchestra/shine_a_little_love_tab.htm#8249828 to give it a go with. Unfortunately it is in a gpx format. While there is a bass section in that online player, and when I open it in Go Playalong there is a bass section, it the section becomes blank when the file is converted to gp5 using TuxGuitar or the online converter. Is there a way I can convert the files from gpx to gp5 without losing the bass? Thanks!
  2. First, thanks for all everyone does here. This is a fantastic resource for RS players. I was thinking it would be great if there were a stand-alone program from which you could browse, download, and even auto-update CDLC files. Something similar to the curse client which updates plug-ins for MMORPGs. I'm not sure if anything like this had already been explored/planned or if it would be too difficult, but I think it would be pretty handy. Edit: After some surfing around it appears something like this may be in the works? http://customsforge.com/topic/11574-managing-dlc-removing-the-tracks-you-dont-want-is-there-a-good-tool-for-doing-this/
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