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Community Answers

  1. Happy Birthday StevenWaterfield!

  2. Happy Birthday StevenWaterfield!

  3. Happy Birthday StevenWaterfield!

  4. Trying to get some customs done finally been doing overtime at work
  5. hell yeah dude i aint had much time for customs with work but trying to do rapid fire from 30th anniversary gig
  6. excellent tool organized all my customs in no time thanks
  7. sorry And Metallica - last caress acoustic
  8. Metallica - in my life Metallica - brothers in arms Metallica veteran of the psychic wars Metallica - I Just Want To Celebrate Metallica - please don't judas me Metallica - disposable heroes (acoustic) there are the ones im looking for if anyone can help maybe there's a site im unaware of thanks
  9. the main songs are cover songs but Metallica differ hugely from the originals and i can't transcribe tabs
  10. ive looked mate some things just aint been tabbed at all
  11. i know dude i appreciate how hard they are to do i wish i could do it myself it's mainly live Metallica stuff i can't get
  12. hi just wondering if anyone on here creates guitar pro files as there's some customs i want to do but can't get files anywhere thanks
  13. done crash course in brain surgery :)
  14. King Nothing uploaded

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