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  1. Update: the pre-amp chews through 9V batteries like mad (even when not in use, it seems). I purchased a Behringer PSU-SB Power Supply General Purpose DC 9V Power Adaptor for $10 - much better.
  2. I just got my acoustic guitar connected to Rocksmith, and I did it pretty cheaply, so I thought I'd share what I did. You need two pieces of equipment: An Acoustic Pickup A PreAmpThere are a wide variety of acoustic pickups available, and you can spend quite a bit of money if you want to. Many are hard installed into your guitar, and require cutting a hole in the cabinet. The instructions on most of these suggest that you take it to a local guitar shop to have them do it for you. I wasn't interested in this... I also wanted to keep this on the cheap, and have something that was removable. Therefore, I purchased an HDE® Guitar Pickup Acoustic / Electric Transducer at Amazon for $17. It's removable, connecting to the soundhole of your guitar with little clips. It has an output cable (male) that dangles from your guitar. The signal coming from the pickup is weak, so you need to amplify it. Again, looking for a cheap option, I purchased a Behringer PB100 Preamplifier/Volume Booster at Amazon for $25. You can buy a power cable (it doesn't come with one), but it can also run on a 9V battery. I set the gain at about 40% (maybe 45%) to balance out feedback and still have the game detect your notes. Plug the cable from your acoustic pickup into the IN of the PreAmp, plug the RealTone cable into the OUT of the PreAmp, turn it on, and you're ready to go. Works like a charm!
  3. I've been working on Foo Fighters - Times Like These (Acoustic). There is already an official DLC version of the album version of the song (non-acoustic). Is it cool to post my work, or is this not acceptable?
  4. Olorin, thanks fror your time and feedback. I'll check RR for Lead and Bass sync, I didn't think to do that. Regarding Rhythm - it does look like Songsterr has that arrangement, I can try to bring that in. I might do that for a later version. The biggest hole I'm having right now is the tones - do you have any suggestions on tones? Should I make my own, or copy? I'm thinking copying would be easier, but I'm not sure what songs I should look to. Thanks again for your time!
  5. I used the tutorial/walkthrough on http://rocksmithcustoms.wikispaces.com/ as a guide for my first CDLC, and it worked pretty well. I tend to work on a project over the course of a couple of days, and a written tutorial works much better for me than a video. However, over the past week or so it seems that the link above has Access Restricted - is anyone else noticing this? I registered, but still no luck. Has anyone figured out how to get access to that site again?
  6. Donated $10 - the least I can give for all the fun I'm having!
  7. I've got a WIP that I would like reviewed if possible please: Anberlin - Feel Good Drag (link to WIP post). This work is not quite ready for release yet, and I'm not sure if I should submit it for testing now, or when I believe it's finally ready, so feedback on that if possible. I am hoping that the only thing left to do is add tones, and that is one of the things I'm looking for feedback on. I have not specified fingering yet, and I think some silent space at the end of the song might be good, but probably not required. I may PM some people as well. Thanks much for any assistance you can provide!
  8. I've got some files ready for test and feedback: PC (no DD) PC (with DD) MAC (no DD) PS3 (no DD) XBOX (no DD) Please let me know if you can download the files, and if you have any feedback on them. These are not ready for prime-time just yet, but I wanted to get some testing and feedback on them now. Tones: One thing I need help with is tones - these have no tones. I do have Anberlin - Enjoy The Silence, and I can extract the tones from that, but I'm a complete novice with tones, and I'm not sure what would go well in what parts. I believe at least three tones will be required, and I've broken the song down into these parts: Intro (first part) - Tone A Intro (2nd part) - Tone B Verse 1 - Tone C Chorus 1 - B Verse 2 - C Chorus 2 - B Interlude - B Solo - B? Chorus 3 - A (but muted), then B (muted before outro?) Outro - B Final -> distortion Any suggestions on whether I should make my own tones, or suggestions on tones/songs to borrow from would be *greatly* appreciated. Thanks much!
  9. One more note: I've not attempted any tones, and I'm relatively ignorant about them. I don't think I'd dare create my own, so I'd likely borrow tones, and I'm looking for suggestions on where they are, how to pull them, and which tones might be good ones for this song. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. My progress so far: I started a few days ago (3/21), and so far I've loaded in Lead Guitar, Bass, and Vocals. They seem to be pretty well synced after a few stops and starts. Key to this was importing the audio, setting the BPM right away, then importing Tabs. Since I'm a novice guitar player, DD is valuable to me, so I'm anticipating doing it for this project. Are there any guidelines for what difficulty goes to what level? I've loaded in the full tabs to Amazing level, and I'll copy them down in level and delete notes as I go. I've also imported lyrics, and they don't look right at all. Some are shown in the preview pane, some are not, and there are extra characters. That part needs some work, but I just imported them moments ago, so it's a first pass to be sure.
  11. Well, I've been downloading songs for a little while now, loving all the incredible music and learning to play guitar and bass with some of my favorite artists. Regularly I'd hear a song on the radio that made me want to play, and I'd check to see if it was available for download. 99% of the time it's there, but this one wasn't. This is my first attempt at creating CLDC, so I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road. I'm also a novice guitar player, and just bought a bass about a month ago, so I probably won't be able to *play* what I'm creating! Oh well, part of the learning process! Artist: Anberlin Song: Feel Good Drag Album: New Surrender Video: Tab: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/anberlin-feel-good-drag-tab-s25311t0 I'm using a Tab from Songsterr, and I don't think that's the norm. I checked Ultimate Guitar, and they're all removed. I checked the tab from Songsterr and it looks pretty good - I haven't found any errors so far. I'm going to take a stab at this, hopefully I won't have too many questions. Wish me luck! BTW: I did searches to see if this song was in the works anywhere and I didn't find anything at all. Please let me know if someone else is working on this that I couldn't find! I did check The Big List and didn't find it, but I'm new to this portion of the CustomsForge forums, so I might have missed it.
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