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  1. Happy Birthday Xyber!

  2. Happy Birthday Xyber!

  3. Weird, I wonder what the issue was for me at first then. But it seemed to fix itself for me, so that's good at least. As for your observations, I had only quickly synced up the song, added phrases the the imported section names and imported the tab so there's still plenty to go through and fix. I always make a rough version first that I can play so it's easier to notice what needs to be fixed. :) Haven't had time to work on the song since I last posted, but have some time off now and hope I can get it done properly in the coming days. Thanks for looking into it though.
  4. Please provide links to your original EOF project files BEFORE the arrangements have been run through the toolkit. I wil take a look and see if it is issue with toolkit. I enabled the abridged setting and re-saved the project so it would be just like before when it wasn't working. I have not re-packed the song with this file to see if it's also busted, but that's the only thing that I changed to get it working before. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3g6y3r2vfb1g88h/New%20folder.rar?dl=0
  5. The tab has definitely changed when I imported it. Here's a section where it's supposed to just be octaves, but it added an open note for each string on almost all the notes. But, I can't see a reason to why all the notes in the intro of the song have unpitched slides and other techniques applied to them, they all look like they should. After typing the above I remade the song with the abridged setting disabled and that did seem to fix the problem. Played through the first part and everything looked like it should.
  6. Well now I have another very weird problem that is somewhat similar to the image a few posts up. Game is applying pretty much all techniques to every single note or something (even though it shouldn't, going by the tab in EoF) and it looks like a damn mess. Using both latest toolkit and EoF, but also happened with the previous version of the toolkit I had.
  7. I am not sure what the problem is, but I just launched EoF after having not used it in about a month and suddenly the entire program is lagging a lot. I tried updating to the latest hotfix, same thing. I tried downloading and making a complete new install, same thing. Absolutely nothing have changed on my end since I last ran the software fine, so I'm clueless as to why it runs so bad now. When I click on a menu item, the entire menu bar flashes 1-2 times and then the menu pops up about a second later. Tried running as admin or different compatibility modes, but that did nothing. I'm at a loss on what to do to fix this. :( Edit: Well, this just disappeared as randomly as it appeared. Was working on a song for a while, quit EoF and then came back a bit later and suddenly the program was back to normal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. So it's been quite a while since I have made any songs now and I'm currently making one in Drop C so for instance a simple chord on the first 2 strings should be a C5 but for me it's showing it as A5 instead (so it gives me the names of the E standard chord). I have the tuning set correctly in EoF and I can't find any setting that can help me correct this. What to do?
  9. Annoying pop-up window almost every time I press download. And I use adblock. I really prefer mega, dropbox and zippyshare.
  10. I just fixed a bug that causes this, it should work correctly in the next hotfix. Nice, thanks.
  11. Weird. I imported the lyrics from my RS1 file, tweaked it a bit and added the section markers. Then I added leading silence and I had to move the lyrics back pretty much exactly how much I added to the leading silence (8 beats). Most of the lyrics markers could still be used fortunately, it was missing like 5 of them throughout the song but it seemed like they did move. Just not the lyrics.
  12. Just noticed something. I just went through and marked all lyrics section in a song, but then remembered I didn't have leading silence yet. So after I added that the lyrics/markings didn't move with the chart and I have to redo all that again (not the end of the world, but a bit annoying). Any chance this will get fixed in the near future?
  13. So since I'm using DDC I have no idea how many levels there are to my songs. My guess is very many. How am I supposed to fill out that box since I'm not allowed to write something like "DDC 2.1 Default"? Perhaps there should be a check box next to it that you mark if you have used the DDC, instead of having to enter a number.
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