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  1. Hey everyone, I spent a decent amount of time configuring Pro Tools (Windows 10) to use my Rocksmith Cable and ASIO4ALL as an input to record directly. There weren't any tutorials and it was pretty frustrating, so if there's interest I will make a guide for it. Let me know below if you'd like me to cobble a tutorial together! I also use Guitar Rig 5 so if people need help with that as well I can write something up, but I think there's better documentation on the internet for that! Cheers
  2. Updated it at long last - thanks to all the charters! Again, If anyone wants to add bass/vocals to my customs just ask and I can send you all the materials I have for them!
  3. Updated to reflect Nacholede's recent additions: Burning My Soul and In the Presence of Enemies (Pt. 1 AND 2!!!)
  4. I've started working on Status Seeker from When Dream and Day Unite. I need to add bass parts to Take the Time and Under a Glass Moon, and I really want to fix the tones in Another Day but I cant figure out how to do that :/
  5. Sorry for neglecting this for so long.. Somehow the formatting got screwed up during this time. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  6. That's epic. I really regret not going to their show on sept 6th.. :/ As I type this I'm wearing my Reckoning Night Shirt :wub:
  7. http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/641/298/448.jpg
  8. Uploaded drafts of Under a Glass Moon and Take the Time for everyone's enjoyment and feedback
  9. I was certainly not suggesting a torrent pack - I was simply stating that in the likely event that my work ends up there, I'm not going to get up in arms about it. I think @@Billkwando put my intentions wonderfully.
  10. I have the lead for both Under a Glass Moon and Take the Time charted. I am going to take more time (lol) to polish my customs from now on, rather than just push them out. I want to add bass so I don't slight the backbone of any band ;p This means images and Words is almost complete!!! Wait for Sleep has no guitar but does have a bass line, so I'll have that done too :)
  11. Sorry, is gem the terminology for the dot that represents a note?
  12. Here's a teaser for the next few days: This is freaking impossible to play, so probably no playthrough for a while ever.
  13. Just tried a couple mediafire links - I couldn't reproduce the problem. Maybe the site was hijacked?
  14. Thanks guys, this is a huge help!
  15. Yeah... I just noticed that. Thank you so much!!! I ended up editing the xml file directly, so I appreciate knowing how to avoid doing that in the future.
  16. Sorry to be making so many posts.... I am trying to put together a CDLC that's in Eb Standard. I am prompted to tune down before the song starts, and that works fine. However, when the song starts, the notes are not recognized properly. For example, an open E string, which should register as an Eb, gives me a 'miss'. I found that the problem is resolved by playing up one half step. So if I play an E instead of an Eb, Rocksmith recognizes it and does not give me the "miss". What am I doing wrong? I have the arrangement set to Eb in the toolkit... EDIT: I noticed that even though the arrangement shows [Eb Standard], when I go back to edit the arrangement the popup window reverts the default choice to E Standard. Is this normal?
  17. I got a lot of good feedback on my CDLC of In Memoriam and some people asked for more songs from Hammerfall. The songs are pretty straightforward, so I thought I'd do the whole album for you guys. If there are songs people want done from other albums, put them in the comments :) DONE: In Memoriam (Instrumental) UP BUT NOT COMPLETE: Riders Of The Storm - Guitar done. Need bass, vox, + DD
  18. Hey guys, I'm a little confused on how exactly one is supposed to drag the bars to sync in EOF? I always end up dragging the whole track, which for songs from bands like dream theater who change tempo and time signatures often, it doesn't work well. I may just be missing something really simple and straightforward.. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks!!
  19. I have a new WIP: Under a Glass Moon
  20. Toughie Incoming! Im conflicted on whether i should incorporate the multiple guitar parts or not into one guitar track.
  21. I just scooped up the guitar of my almost dreams: A Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci JP70 with purple finish. I have been wanting a 7 string ever since I started seriously learning Dream Theater. I have heard nothing but good things about this guitar and may go for the Crunchlab/liquifire setup if the stock pups aren't doing it for me. Got it on ebay for 380 USD, I am so damn excited for this thing to get here... @@Nacholede http://altomusic.com/media/catalog/product/s/t/sterling-by-music-man-JP70TPB-0.jpg
  22. The same song I want played at my funeral: The Score version of Dream Theater's "The Spirit Carries On" *gets chills*
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