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  1. Thank you all for putting your time and effort to make all of these CDLC happen! :)
  2. Happy 1st anniversary guys! This is truly one of my favorite communities and I find it amazing how far it's come since it was first launched. Keep rocking!
  3. I'm amazed at the work you guys put on :D. It looks very nice!
  4. Sometimes I get popups even with adblock on but I just close them.
  5. If you have an amp and you aren't using it to play Rocksmith, I really recommend you do! I think it makes a huge difference... especially if you're playing bass and want more of it. For the last 4 months I've been using my amp to play and I would never go back to playing RS without it :D. The setup I have is simple as all I use is a Y cable, which apparently has gone up in price since I bought it a few months ago for $1.99. You connect your amp in one side and the Real tone cable on the other and then plug it to your guitar or bass. If you have the cash there's other options like Morley ABY
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